Temper That Spiritual Fire.


Illawarra District, Australia;  September 3, 2003

Primary Midwayer, Andrea, Machiventa Melchizedek

Received by George Barnard

Andrea: "We are many that surround you here to lend our help and love and energy to the success of this transmission. This is Primary Midwayer, Andrea, my dear brother. It’s good to see you are recovering well, and climbing back on deck to be with us.

"For you it has been rather a period of being becalmed, although hardly of stagnation. Let us do our best to get right back on top and ‘make this ship sail.’

"It will now be vital for you to involve yourself with more than the regular amount of meditation after this period of being out of action. Some time off during the day, and some new routines to be introduced into your working life will help you in this interrupted journey.

"Well now, no one here has made any kind of an announcement that they have deserted you, and you will soon be able to call on all or any of the Teachers in your group. That’s it for me for now, as I will soon take over the task of relaying some words another wants me to convey to you."


Machiventa: "It will become important in the months to come to sidestep those issues which rattle you so. What will be will be. The far more important projects than any other - those on which you did set your sights - compared to the little or no impact you can have on the greater world events, are the key tasks at hand.

"It is wise for you to find great variety of involvement. Yes, and to also find joy in such variety, and in dealing with the workload you long ago took upon yourself. It will be important to take time out, also, and, I suggest, withdraw from those extraneous activities relating to this world in turmoil.

"Dropping those interests, and allowing for some breaks, will have as a result that your mind will become clearer, and you will perceive a greater number of worthwhile opportunities you would have otherwise missed. So, take my advice, that a lengthy involvement without a pause can also be detrimental to the success of the overall accomplishments.

"Whereas you might make yourself absent from the task to return to it later, you will find that you can more clearly overlook that which needs to be acted upon, and do it right. We, from our (celestial) viewpoint, do not underestimate the significance of the work you mortals have undertaken in this, the Correcting Time. Indeed, we do not.

"There are occasions when we - as yet imperfect beings - can almost feel the pangs of envy when we view the comparatively magnificent tasks some of you undertake, and bring to a glorious conclusions, as Kingdom workers, as ambassadors, as recruits and volunteers, for the welfare of your people and your abode in this time of planetary rehabilitation as per Michael’s mandates.

"You, as individual little pawns on the mighty chessboard of universe events are deserving of our well-wishes, our admiration, applause, and of due rewards for work well done. At all times, however, you must endeavor to temper that spiritual fire within, and ensure that, to the best of your ability, you live a life of balance and joy; never perfect, but always striving for that perfection.

"This is Machiventa. Thanking you for your attention, and grateful to our dear friend, Andrea, for making herself available to channel my words to this receiver. It’s good to be here.

"To all who will receive my words, I send my love."


Andrea: "This is Andrea, George. You will need to pick with care where my words to you ‘trailed off’, and where the Prince took over. My love to you, and till we meet again."

George: "Thank you Andrea. Thank you Machiventa."

Note: A minor accident, causing a damaged disc to press onto my spinal cord, left me with only sporadic contact for some 10 weeks and more. Hopefully things will improve, as even this contact was still not strong.

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