Which Path at the Crossroads?


Illawarra District, Australia;  September 6, 2003

Primary Midwayer, Andrea

Received by George Barnard

Andrea: "In communing with you at this late hour, my dear brother in Christ, I am also communicating with the many on my side of our ‘time-divides’ - those right here who have pricked up their ears and want to be informed about the special lesson of upliftment I have prepared for you and yours.

"And this quite by my ‘lonesome self’, I do add. [Time out] "There, that’s so much better. You have stopped laughing and again reached a placid state of mind.

"Yes, this is your friend, companion, and teacher of old. This is Andrea, and it is with pleasure that I envisage, that through you, my words will also reach our many mortal siblings, who so oftentimes in their short earthly existence, whether by choice or by their being forced, arrive at a crossroads in their lives.

"And so we share and discuss the dilemma of human limitations, time restraints, and the need for choice of involvement in this so restricting first step in eternal life, of human birth, associations, careers and parenting, of an unavoidable final demise, and of a glorious awakening on the far-away training worlds to creature perfection.

"You and your wide-eyed siblings, through circumstances not of your making, travel a ‘Path of Faith and Belief’ only, where not every turn will provide a clear vista of what may lie ahead, and it may well be unexpectedly rocky, or surprisingly smooth, and yet the crossroads of life will unavoidably present themselves.

"All of a sudden, out of the blue, and perhaps inconveniently so, there may be two alternative courses for you to navigate, or three, or four, or more, and these difficult choices, as if dropped into your lap from the sky by unloving hands, are yours to make, but which path will you take?

"Shall you nurse your offspring in joy, and earn your eternal happiness in passing on the Father’s Love to those who so utterly depend on you, as you walk in His Light towards a career of never-ending delightful service to countless of His children. You will have chosen your path with foresight, and chosen well.

"Should you chose a career or profession in dealing fairly with those around you, to provide for self and others in need, and for their welfare as you stride along that well-worn path and in the footsteps of the Master Himself, then you will be rewarded with love and great abundance. And you will have chosen well.

"Were you to decide to simply concern yourself with the education of your siblings, in discernment of their spiritual future as well as your own, you will find great excitement of spirit and enlivened soul growth, as you surrender your free will wants for Mother Spirit’s loving embrace. And your choice will fare you well.

"Might you even withdraw from the world for a time, and look inward to the Father’s Spirit Within. This supreme of choices, too, will serve you well.

"In your short and busy lives, remain unhurried in your travels, for a legion of loving companions share, and chat with you on, your path.

"This is Andrea, and I give you my love and all my heart, for my knowing you has served me well.

Notes: Primary Midwayer, Andrea, looks no older now than she did when she came into being some half million years ago. Her ability to communicate with us directly is extraordinary for her time-distant kind. To me, the suggestion that the Primary Midwayers have three creator/parents, rather than two remains inexplicable.

Andrea worked with the Oracles of Delphi, and prior to that with the Andites that journeyed from Japan to what is now Colombia.

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