Is Channeling Unique To This World?


Illawarra District, Australia September 9, 2003

Teacher Samuel

Received by George Barnard

Samuel: "There is in all of the system, the constellation, and even the universe of Nebadon not another world like the World of the Cross. You are unique in countless ways. Even in the eyes of myriad personalities that reside beyond the Nebadon borders are you a rarity, and not in the least because of, in our terms, our Michael Son’s recent bestowal on your troubled planet.

"And so I have to specially tailor for you the answer to your written questions that may assume a great deal of sameness between this world and your sister planets, when this is hardly so. This is your brother, Samuel, and it gladdens my heart to have this student’s undivided attention after a long period of lay-offs, and healings.

[The question posed: Is channeling (receiving/transmitting) of Celestial Teachers reserved for this planet, all other planets that are likewise retarded in their progress because of the Lucifer Rebellion, also those rebellious worlds beyond Satania, and those in other superuniverses? What are the differences between this world, and normal worlds, but only in regards to Celestial contact?]

"A propos, the length of time it took for you to drift to be completely comfortable, and quieten your mind, is of no consequence. I’m only too pleased, and humbled to be allowed to give my input here, and for an ongoing project that dispatches its delicious essence far and wide, and that is so greatly needed in these early days of the Correcting Time.

"You need to visualize a normal planet where the individuals, even from birth, have far greater potentials than is here the case. And then, additionally, their education in matters religious and spiritual must be accounted for in the reckoning, even though some always lag behind. The practice of Stillness, much more so than Meditation, is universal, whereas it is still uncommon on your planet.

"Universally, human beings are encouraged to seek for themselves, and each of them privately, the much superior input from their Spirit Selves, their Thought Adjusters (TA’s), or Pilot Lights, as many refer to the Endowments the Father of us all appoints for to serve with His human children. As ever, since the beginning of time, Celestial Teachers can only be a substitute for the TA’s. No more.

"And then there are countless situations, to many to enumerate, where there is Celestial Teacher input in those cases that warrant special attention. And I shall not mention them all, but I will give you the instances of the more obvious of these, for your personal interest and that of others.

"As I stated: There are those who lag behind, and in the intervening period between their spiritual education, and their eventual clear recognition of the treasured Voice Within, have need of a Teacher, and so, one of great progress and knowledge will be appointed, to hopefully guide their mortal student into a loving association and further learning, yet with Thought Adjuster oneness in career seeking as a result.

"There are those you call the typical left-brainers, who are bent on following a predominantly scientific career, and because of their specific interests, their development may not follow that of the main group. Under constant watchcare of their Seraphic helpers, their needs are sharply identified, and Celestial Teachers of great knowledge in their field would then be appointed to be the temporary Guides.

"On certain worlds there are those who through their racial genetic make-up require almost constant or long-term tutoring, even lecturing at times, and it is there that a great deal is invested to, shall we say, also keep my kind in a job. But as always in these cases, our dear and trustworthy Midwayer friends play an important role in translating and relaying the teachings to the human students.

"There are many, many more examples, as you might well consider, of temporary Teachers being placed in a position of Tutor, or unknown Advisor, during short periods of injury, distress, or extreme emotional trauma, and yet, in these universes of creature personality development and soul progress, they are the Thought Adjusters that inevitably take over the task as the most eminent Teachers of all.

"Personal Thought Adjuster contact, infinitely more applicable to the individual, is what we must all strive for, although this world is special, and Celestial Teachers of lengthy training do arrive each day, and will be arriving for centuries to come, and in great numbers, as they are drawn by the magnet that is your deeply troubled World of the Cross.

"I send my love to all.

"This is Samuel of Panoptia, greatly enjoying his stay and work here."

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