Clarification Of Monjoronson's Message.


September 19, 2003

Avonal Son, "George"

Received by Jaso.

Avonal George: "Greetings, Dear One. As you can see, there is always someone to step forward with the new concepts that are needed to be given to those on this planet.

"As one of the many Celestials that are now located on this world for the upliftment of mankind, we welcome any and all who wish to contribute to the spiritual growth/upliftment of individual and group development.

"As each individual makes a decision for greater spiritual understanding, the Thought Adjuster will step forward for them and ask for the spiritual morontial/physical blending that will aid in this upliftment.

"The morontial/spiritual energies that are present for upliftment will allow the individual to experience a greater spiritual awareness of the Teachers, Celestial Beings, the senses and concepts given to the individual. Truly this will aid the people of this world to become more spiritual, and will allow the Thought Adjusters to work within and through the individuals.

"This gift comes to this world to help bring the people out of the material existence and allow the more spiritual development to begin, to bring this planet more into an alignment for doing the Father's Will.

There are many individuals who are at present striving for this blending of morontial/material blending. What this means is that the individual will make a decision to want to be of greater service to the Father and Jesus (Christ Michael).

"The Thought Adjuster requests the process to begin and the Melchizedeks and Life Carriers begin the long process for the beginning stages of the blending. The Morontial blending starts with the changes with the Thought Adjuster and then the Morontial energies begin to work or slowly blend into the senses of the material being. It is as if two types of bodies are merging to create a stronger spiritual being in control of their spiritual progress/path.

"This upliftment is a life long commitment from the Father to see the individual grow to reach their potential at a faster rate than the material body can experience.

"We as Celestials can see the potential in each individual and we look forward to the continual progress of individual growth. As each individual student continues to develop the morontial/material existence, this will bring this world into a great spiritual advancement, and the goal is to have everyone searching for their own spiritual advancement in their search for the Father Above.

"I look forward to the future development of this world.

"Avonal George. (Attached to the Magisterial Mission)"

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