Closer To That Critical Mass.


Illawarra District, Australia, September 21, 2003

Michael of Nebadon

Received by George Barnard

Michael: "You called out to me and I heard your voice as I pledged I always would. There is between us, my son, a bond that will never break, for it was you as a mere child that struck upon the idea of placing yourself in my service [see note 1], although you could have never guessed what road this hazy initiative would place you upon.

"We are aware of all human intent, decisions and trials, successes and failures, and we are most appreciative of the ways an increasing number of you are learning well to juggle your time and resources to be in our Father’s service in the Correcting Time, (and) help bring your world onto a higher level of spiritual wakefulness.

"The affairs on my bestowal world, at this time look somber indeed, and yet it is in the hearts of men and women, of the millions and millions we reach out to and touch, that wonderful and positive changes are occurring. And indeed, as your most trusted friends have indicated, these wholesale changes are soon to come.

"These powerful feelings, these wishes and prayers for an urgent need for changes for a better time to come; these heart-felt concerns for the welfare of brothers and sisters in faraway lands, are helping to edge us closer to the critical mass [2] our Prince Machiventa predicted would inevitably come.

[A frequent mention by the Midwayers of "Critical Mass" being reached, but in a spiritual sense.]

"Indeed, there needs to be a period of hard work and ‘pressure’ to create that point in time when the circuits’ great switches - the levers - will have traveled far enough to overcome the point of inertia and jump into place for all your lights to turn on and sparkle in a brighter world.

"Fear not the present unrest in the world. Fear not the chaos on our troubled planet, for it is in the hearts and minds of the great majority of your races that these needed changes first must come to deliver the Father’s ideals and wishes, and through human programs and prayers for these things to follow suit and become a reality in your material domain.

"Take heart my son. From our infinitely better vantage point where we can tally up the thoughts, the wishes, the drives, the works of the many who wish to ‘do good,’ the, at times chaos to your eyes, looks far rosier. A tally has been taken, a move is being made, and all of my heavenly helpers will ensure there is not ‘a turning back’.

"In all the turmoil that you see, great hopes are being raised, and more positive plans are being contemplated and inaugurated for a better world of your tomorrows.

"Together with you, I bemoan your loss of a great many inexperienced young souls, as well, I regret the lesson that now goes unrecorded [3], but your new friend will shortly return.

"This is the Creator Son of Nebadon. This is your doting Father/Brother Michael, who sends his love to all. May your words always be mine."

"Thank you kindly, Michael."

Notes: [1] There really was a long-forgotten childhood vow.

[2] The Midwayers mentioned the words "Critical Mass" a number of times during the week, as did Machiventa in 2000 in Rockford Bay, Idaho, use that strange term.

[3] I also spoke with a Paradise Entity earlier, but the tape is all static noises, and I have no adequate memory of the transmission, because I still drift far too deep - George.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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