Do Follow In The Master’s Footsteps.


Idaho, US of A;  September 21, 2003

A Teacher Called “The Scribe”

Received by Sandy Montee

The Scribe: "Hello, dear student. There is an ever-increasing number of Celestial Teachers now assisting His beloved children, for them to edge a little closer to the ‘perfection ideals’ of their Creator Father. With all else that exists in the universes, their souls are parts of the one Creator God, and with their soul growth it therefore follows that He also expands, as is His will.

"Unnoticed by you, a great number of people all around the planet are heeding the Teachers’ calls, and are entering this time of improvement we have named the Correcting Time. It is to become a time of discernment for what is genuine, an appreciation of what is beautiful, and a generous sharing of bounty and love.

"Unrealized by you, and over the eons of time, your species’ progress advanced but at a snails pace, and it repeatedly turned right back on itself, as love often still came at a price, as greed ruled your dealings with others, as beauty was snubbed, destroyed, or sacrificed, and as truth and reason were nowhere to be found. And your unseen friends were held back until a first inkling of the real meaning of, and wish for, salvation entered upon your minds.

"Unnoticed by you, still, there is now a more pleasing groundswell of worldwide concern for the welfare of others. There are some words of love creeping into your widely shared communications, as more of you have begun to see the other as your equal with needs and wants no different from your own, and as among millions of your siblings the plans are beginning to take shape for the creation of a better world for all, and as we would like to see it.

"This is a time when you can move towards spiritual accomplishments at a better pace, and with more help. Now is the time to ‘jumpstart your quests’ for gaining deeper spiritual insights into your lives. And now you will more quickly grasp that your lives have a much greater purpose because your ‘spirit friends’ have been instructed on High to work much closer with you all, for a deeper understanding.

"Your Animal Fears and Creature Angers will be dispelled from your hearts and minds and leave no voids, for in their stead there will be Love and Devotion for your brothers and sisters. There will then be fewer obstacles for you to rise above, and great hopes of your accomplishing contact with your Higher Selves, that will guide you into a way of life so much more productive.

"Do follow in the Master’s footsteps, for you will experience His peace and serenity, since you will then know yourselves to be a part of the greater universe. And gone will be the times when you were pushed hither and yon by your Celestial Teachers to learn your lessons as you proceeded barefoot on a rock-strewn track.

"Michael cleared the trail for you by His living a life of absolute perfection, and He is forever calling you to stay on His path as it leads to a (true) spiritual way of life. This is the time for you to draw closer to your Heavenly Father, and to develop a strengthening of your soul and personality in your quests for a greater understanding of your true purposes in life on this planet Earth.

"My name is unpronounceable, my number of great length. You may call me "The Scribe," and directly write my words."

Notes: The Entity, "The Scribe," may well be an Unattached Thought Adjuster, or a Recorder Angel, but we just don’t know yet.

My love to you all - Sandy.

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