Happiness is Complying with the Father’s Will.


Idaho, US of A;  September 22, 2003

Mother Spirit (Nebadonia)

Contributing Receiver

Nebadonia: "We are here, My dear child, and we wish to answer your questioning heart, yet already you know the answer; that the Father and us all are One - One in will and heart's desire.

"Our Father wills that all His children obtain happiness, and for you not to believe that happiness ever comes with the acquisition of material things. Certainly, material blessings greatly add to creature comfort, but you know that happiness is not based on creature comforts alone. Many times have you been happy with far less than you have accumulated now.

"Happiness is not based on a good relationships either, because many of you have been happy when not in a relationship. So what is happiness and what is its basis? There, that is more like the real question you have for Me today.

"Happiness is release from all disapproving contemplation. The total absence of conflict, either resolved, or ignored and forgiven, is what brings real happiness. Nor can you base your concept of happiness on laughter, for laughter is spontaneous to the moment alone.

"In the absence of negative thoughts, you are all happy far more often than you give yourselves credit for. And yet, not often do you either take the time to realize how happy you actually are, nor do you frequently realize the simplicity of the maintenance of your happiness, nor do you frequently take full responsibility for its daily maintenance.

"My children, you would do well to consider your responsibility in this matter, for your thoughts are clearly under your control. The sooner My children learn to monitor their thinking, the quicker they will enter the Kingdom of Heaven that exists within.

"Your thoughts are simply a matter of personal daily choice. It was said through a prophet of old, "Choose you this day, Whom you will serve." And it is always the wisest of choices to comply with Your Father's will, since His will is always for His children's happiness.

"Do contemplate from time to time that it is not His will for you entertain negative thoughts. Consider these words, and do look upon them as more than pretty statements from your Mother. For this is the truth; that the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is maintained by a positive frame of mind, and quite dependant on the daily choices you make about where you center your thinking.

"I hold you all close to My heart. You are all so very precious in our sight. We know and understand that you walk in a world of much negativity, but you are the gatekeepers to your mindal escapades. You are the children of free-will choice, and His choice for you is only Love.

"Make the daily choice for having a positive mind, and consider moment by moment Whom you will serve, as We walk with you each minute of the day, whatever your choices may be.

"Ponder my message. I send My Love to you all."

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