New Mexico, US of A; October 14, 2003

Cherubim "What About Bob."

Part Transmission Only.

Received by Gerdean.

What About Bob: "Good evening, kids. I’m glad to see you are surviving and doing so well. As a species, you have been surviving for so long, you don’t know how to not survive. You don’t know how to stop surviving. Do you see what I am saying?

"You do not need to try hard to survive; you are surviving. But the tendency is there, like a belief system that needs to be re-thought. It is not necessary for war to happen if you can see that you don’t have to do this to survive.

"What is the threat? What would be at risk, if it were understood that a nation is merely a current configuration of men who have something in common, like a guild or a troupe, to help thwart off the risk of being alone and having to survive on their own? People have forgotten their primitive nature. They would survive. They have become soft. They have become deluded. They have become puffed up with pride. This is a stage of evolution about peace.

"But peace, you see, will bring a whole different way of perceiving, and to live in peace, everyone would have to put down what they know best - survival! Modern man would not know how to live if they did not have their survival to worry about.

So, they are going to have an opportunity to think about what survival means. It does not mean they have to go back to war or do more battle. That would be ‘doing the same thing, expecting different results’.

"Peace comes not from doing battle but from finding the freedom from the need to survive.

"Those of you who are born again know you will survive. You know that your existence is not dependent on this material body. You know that this world will continue even after everyone on it has passed away, even after these civilizations that you are a part of have come and gone. There is more to life than this one.

"It is the urge to survive that keeps you so mean-spirited, which keeps you from being more sociable in a relationship sense. You think, ‘I cannot run a risk of having a friend if they are going to die, or if they are going to betray me!’ This kind of thinking is old programming. It is not necessary for those of you who have been re-conditioned.

"Think about it. Discover for yourselves how much you have to offer by having what you have come to perceive of as ‘experiential revelation.’ Consciousness is a vital part of your hope. Spirit is the most direct route to becoming conscious and aware of other dimensions.

But revelation can also come through the mind by way of ideas or inspirations, so you don’t need to discuss religion in order to be able to touch the soul, the psyche, the mind of man. And when you’ve gotten better at this, you will be able to engage better in not being afraid of what you might find if you set aside your survival instincts and became eternal pals with the next person you meet.

"Of course, relationships take two. But you’ve got the upper hand in this exercise, and you can instigate a new social consciousness, a non-threatening consciousness. That is one of the lures of the brotherhood -- that you shall ‘inherit the earth’.

"It’s remarkable that you do as well as you do. But you clutch that armor tight even when you don’t need to carry it. Let’s see if you can let it down more often and pick it up less and less. Remember the Master will go with you as he reveals your path, and the Spirit of Truth will say, ‘This is the way.’

"But now I think I’ve talked more than my share. I look forward to our gathering next week. See if you can learn some new reaction patterns between now and then. Just to amuse yourself. Have a good evening."

Gerdean O'Dell Bowen is the author of “The Zooid Mission.”

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