Ask for a healing.


Illawarra District, Australia; November 8, 2003

Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22).

[Present are visitors, Nancye, Bob, and Geoff.]

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: "I will communicate with these folks and introduce myself if you will open your mouth, George, or I will just stand around and look pretty. [This part was unrecorded].

"I just wanted to say that we’ve been with you for most of these past few days. We are many that have been with you, doing your human thing, watching you win with the Akashic Construct. And we’ve been with you during your meditations. It would be good for some of you to ask for the Midway Healers to come around.

"There are available to you some pretty impressive healings, and with all of you here are your "Midwayer Angels," Physiologists - learned Physicians - to diagnose your functions at all times. It would be profitable for two of you to request Doctor Mendoza to come and visit you, or for one of the advanced healers that have come in from outlying star systems to come around. They would be only too pleased to be asked to chip in.

"You may ask to ask to be woken up out of your sleep during the night, and someone working with you will identify himself or herself. There is closeness between you and your healer friends, as you are all in some ways involved in important work that will promote what we know as "The Correcting Time."

"There are still many centuries and decades to go during which more and more individuals in your population will pick up on the changes in the spiritual realm, yet we can see that this is happening at a much faster rate then will generally be appreciated by you. To us you are important contributors; important individuals, for you are in the avant-garde of helpers in this most important work we do.

"You need but to call on us ‘semi-physical’ beings, and if it is by any means possible, we will be there to assist you. To me it is a long-awaited pleasure to speak to you directly, although through this "strangely accented loudspeaker." It is a pleasure for me to meet up with you, officially.

"I am one of the loyal Midwayers. I am Midwayer Chief, Bzutu, bidding you a pleasant day and an enjoyable evening. I say goodbye for now."

The group: "Goodbye, Bzutu."

Notes: The above transmission was recorded on a voice-activated recorder. There were rather a lot of missing words, and I had to wait for some time today (11/11/03) to get midwayer help to "revive" what at first glance looked like an unappetizing three-day-old hebephrenic word salad - George.

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