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Illawarra District, Australia, November 29, 2002

Teacher Samuel

Received by George Barnard

George: “I thank you, my dear Brother. These are neat pictures. And I thank you for making them so wonderfully clear. It helps us a great deal.”

Samuel: “Good evening both, my beloved students. This is Samuel. Many of us have been privileged today to listen in on your conversations, and we welcome your “positiveness”, and we enjoy the light that so radiates from you.

“We in our dimensions thrive on these confident attitudes that all hurdles can be overcome, and that there will be a steady, measured growth in your races’ achievements.

“I want to tell you a little bit about my world to go with the pictures that are also so clear in my memory, still. If you were to place yourself some fifty miles out into space, looking down onto my homeland – a completely new continent of two old lands in long-past collision – you would see a lozenge shaped landmass, the far north of which reaches well into the tropics, even well into the northern hemisphere, the south of which almost touches onto the polar region.

“This elongated shape is roughly divided into near equal halves by a mountain range extending for most of it’s width, from the more fertile east to very near the western coast. And although my planet has slightly more in the way of a landmass compared to your earth, we have the fortune of our terrestrial home now being very stable compared to yours.

“Earth tremors are vastly reduced, and strange as this may seem to you, it is in fact the placidness, and forward spiritual striving of its inhabitants -- currently approaching a number in excess of nine-and-one-half billion souls -- that is responsible for the living, material planet itself to also be at peace, and truly loved by all. No longer do we expect a polar reversal, and in many places this overall terrestrial calm allows us to build our habitats as rather moderate, lightweight structures.

“We have inherited a great deal from our “imported” ancestors. We are somewhat taller than you are, although our two planets are indeed of similar size. We tend to stand more erect than do you, and we tend to go about our business in a less hurried way.

“The greater part of the education of our children is conducted in small local schools, with fewer students to each teacher than you would expect. Our greatest expenditure is in the education of our young, which may carry on until even the fortieth year, although to a lesser degree, as entry into the workforce is a gradual process, transitional. Yet from a very young age, there are chores for all.

“We are vegetarians, having in times past greatly improved and engineered much of out foodstuffs to contain a greater concentration of proteins and trace elements, vitamins and carbohydrates, as well as natural medicines that generally keep us healthy to a ripe old age. It is a logical step, you will find, that many of your fruits and vegetables will one day contain needed additions for an improved function of your immune systems, yes, even nature’s own safe antibiotics and more.

“And it is because of our fashion of vegetarian habits that the profession of agriculturalist and horticulturalist takes its rightful place among all professions as a worthy science.

“There is no defense spending, for there are no territorial squabbles. There are agents (police) that keep the peace at times, yes, for there is much in free times meant for study, enjoyment, exercise and worship -- although not always observed by the young -- to achieve a physical and spiritual equilibrium that are needed to advance.

“Indeed, spiritual fusion takes place at the planetary level in more than just isolated cases.

”Much of our material for packaging in transport is made from re-usable and recyclable materials, and much of it is returned to an already fertile soil.

“Our rivers run wild in the higher country, and irrigation is attempted over vast areas, because by and large we are an agricultural economy. The numbers of voting rights are proportional to age and achievements in life, but they are generally graciously awarded. We do have diverse political systems but one would guess that it is at times hard to determine which party might have an unusual platform, for most are nearly identical.

“We are a uniform race. Most of us are well tanned and have the Adamic features you are already familiar with. Our planet was populated with plants, then animals, and finally with humans from another, densely populated world. We did not slowly evolve from the most primitive single-celled life form, as did you.

“There now, you have an interesting description of my planetary home – a world that has attained a satisfactory equilibrium. Our wishes are for your planet to gain equal stability in time to come, and should it come sooner rather than later, as you are learning to safeguard your heritage, you will yet be left with a greatly more diverse and useful flora and fauna than we have ever known.

“This is Samuel with a brief view of my world, a briefer view of its past.

“I greet you my brother and sister. I love you my dear students. For me it is a wish fulfilled to have this wonderful opportunity to so often commune with you.

George: “Thank you Samuel. Thank you Mathew.”

Notes: I’ll endeavor to describe later what we were shown.

By his mention of the “imported ancestors”, Samuel means the later arrival of their Adam and Eve, I feel sure. It’s not at all clear if there already was Adamic blood in those humans to be initially transported to his planet by Life Carriers and Melchizedeks. He told us before that they were a war-faring bunch for many long ages.

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