Patience And Trust.


Illawarra District, Australia; November 10, 2003

A Teacher Called, "The Scribe."

Received by George Barnard.

George: "I’m not just here for me, you know. There are many who would wish to share a nice lesson, and they already know I’m not perfect."

The Scribe: "My dear demanding and defensive student, like you, I also speak on behalf of many others, rather than on behalf of just myself.

"I speak on behalf of the many who from time to time keep an eye on, guide, teach, protect you, and send so much love to you, to those who wish to work with you, and to those who feel close to you all and look forward to receiving the lessons that come from our hearts. I speak to them all.

"So often is it with you that you plan and push and trouble (worry) to forcefully make something come about, and in your tireless efforts you prefer to see it all completed by yesterday morning or even on the day before."

[*] Right here, I suddenly realize this is the Teacher called, "The Scribe." I sense it, or I can somehow "feel it by that directness and authority", but also the sudden, abundant, overwhelming love that comes across. (Long pause.) I don’t quite seem to know what to do with my emotions here. [See note below.]

The Scribe: "And yet your life in this realm is designed for you to step-by-step and slowly learn that the ultimate you can develop in patience will much more readily bring you the opportunity to be of service, as your Celestial Parents reach out and make come about the circumstances through which, and most readily, your growth will advance.

"A great deal of trust can be generated when you decide to be patient, and especially with those projects where you would like to count on rapid progress and ‘admirable’ results.

"And you, the fortunate ones, who have entered through the time/space doorway of the Correcting Time’s early years, can generate a great deal of progress by your developing patience, by your feeling guided by your Celestial Parents, your Guides, your Guardians, your Teachers, your Helpers who are involved with you in your tasks…

"… by their own wishes, at their own bidding, or as they are instructed to be involved with you, and assist you where they can, as they request you try to live your lives as stress-free and intuitively as you might manage in the environment you may perceive yourselves to live in, or create for yourselves to occupy, for in this fashion, the suggestions of your beloved Midwayer Cousins will ring true in your minds.

"I am the one whose name is unpronounceable, whose number is of great length. I am a Teacher of many ages, whose entire coming into being, and advancement was governed by one single attribute; love.

"You may call me The Scribe, and at your convenience print my words, for they are not just for you."

George: "Thank you, my friend."

Note: This Teacher is most appreciative of the love returned to him, as well as appreciative of being sensed (recognized) as a distinct personality - George.

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