Your Electro-Chemical System. Part Two - The Electro.


[The transmission set out below is "Part 2" of a 3 part series dealing with our Electro-Chemical System. ]

New Mexico, US of A, December 2, 2003

Cherubim “What About Bob?”

Received by Gerdean.


Bob: "The electro part, now, that impacts your physical system, is that which comes from outward sources, just as if you were to consider yourself now this physical material thing. If you were to consider yourself a vacuum cleaner or an electric shaver, and if you were plugged in, you would be able to operate. You would find an impelling force that drove you to behave in a way that you had been trained to behave. You discover your electrical responses to the stimuli of your heritage: your cultural conditioning.

"Still from the electrical aspect, another external stimuli, there is the element of your environment, and let us say you are in a hostile environment. It may be vocal or loud; it may be suspenseful and intense; but it will have an effect on your physical being. Your body will respond to the electro energy of the atmosphere. This is animal fear: When you find yourself in a threatening situation, the body is programmed to react/respond to the threat of immanent danger in some way. The intensity with which you react to the fear stimuli is to a great extent dependent upon your self mastery, but it is inherent in the physical makeup of the electrochemical being to have an innate response to stimuli in its environment, and so that is electro.

"Also, soothing music, the sound of wind in the leaves of the trees gently rustling on a balmy summer day is a sensation that is, again, electro. Now your spirits are free to lift. Your body sinks into relaxation and your mind now is freed to operate, your imagination can wander, you are given time to daydream. You may be disciplined and programmed to study, to better apply your mind to exercises and technical work or allowing it to ascend even farther and beyond, into the mota realms, touching upon spirit. This is all electro. Coming from the outside.

Student: "When you talk about electrical currents, I understand that life is an energy, and so there are levels of electrical current. What about the physical electrical currents of such things as just regular old electricity, things that run around us, with us?"

Bob: "Yes. Oh, yes, that is certainly a factor. The hustle-bustle of city life is certainly comprised of many fuel sources as they contribute to the electro charge, but you do not feel that same charge in a cow pasture. It isn’t physically possible, even though you are the same person, on the same earth, wearing the same clothes, thinking the same thoughts because it is another environment entirely as a result of the electrical charge of the immediate environs of your being.

This is how it is that animals adapt to habitats and people can become acclimated to certain environments. After having lived in the city, some might find country life quite dull. After having used their mind in academia, they may find rural humor disagreeable. But to find it unbearable, and if it becomes impossible for them to leave that which they have found to fulfill their litmus test of electrical survivability, they have indeed become a product of their environment: ‘city slickers’ who cannot enjoy the country, just as ‘country folk’ who cannot tolerate the extra stress of high-speed living are not amenable to adapting to a diet of adrenalin, fumes and noise. Thus there are developing cultures because of the propensity to find one environment more electrochemically satisfying than another. But you are all, even so, electrochemical beings."

Student: "Is it possible then that when we are in the position of experiencing what they call ‘vibes’ or we are also sending out ‘vibes’ that these are a product of the electro-chemical system?"

Bob: "Yes, they are, and this is why your gurus and teachers are telling you that you affect your environment, and they encourage you to have a spiritual center, for what you then emanate into the environment is sweet-smelling rather than foul. This is the effect of the electrochemical filtering system that takes the inner being out into the environment.

"‘Vibes’ are an electrochemical pattern. They may be bad vibes, may be good vibes, but they affect the physical and they alert the mental. Coming or going, they are a form of communications. The fall of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 created an electro-chemical reaction that was felt around the world. That was something that was felt even by those who didn’t want to feel it, because it was a hinge that opened the door of some-thing that threatened all of humanity. And the war now is yet another electrochemical response to the stimuli of the appetites of the prevailing global consciousness.

"Just as you look through your body to determine where you are well, and where you are unwell, you are able to also see the body of your world and determine where it is well and where it is unwell, but in order to appreciate it from the best vantage point, you will need to approach it from that self-same center core reality that you first faced the journey of boarding the raft with your few possessions to discern the universe of your own dominion. Part 2 of 3.

Gerdean Bowen is the author of "The Zooid Mission."

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