Your Electro-Chemical System. Part Three – The Chemical.


[The transmission set out below is "Part 3" of a 3 part series dealing with our Electro-Chemical System.]

New Mexico, US of A, December 2, 2003.

Cherubim “What About Bob?”

Received by Gerdean.


“What about the chemical aspect?  It is from within this philosophy that one might say, ‘you are what you eat.’  The chemical aspect is influenced by your composition, the necessary amount of minerals in your physical system for maximum performance.  If you are low on a mineral or vitamin, your body will begin to be disturbed.  If you listen to your body, your body will tell you what you need.  You will find yourself oddly drawn to certain foods that may have in it the chemical requisite you need.

“This leads me to point out that when you are engaged in your physical body, you are also able to appreciate and excuse certain indulgences as they play upon the personal chemical makeup of the self-conscious individual.  Just as there are comfort foods, there are stimulating foods, and there are varying degrees of these chemical impressions on the body including prescription drugs/medicines, illicit drugs as well, and other spirits (alcohol), sugar not excluded, and so these are chemical substances affecting your electrochemical system.

“You can see by a study of the physical creature, in terms of its electrochemical composition, that you are a sentient being, conscious of smells, sights, sounds, touch and taste.   You are vulnerable to stimuli and affected by your intake.  If you don’t think, you are really only a creature of habit, generally trained by someone else, i.e., your culture or your parents, your schoolmates, your employers, your government, and so forth, without a will of your own.  It requires will to take the material creature that you are in hand and become the boss of it -- being good to it, but in ways that it will genuinely appreciate by giving back to you that quality of care that you are giving to it.  You see?

“So, once you know yourself, in love for yourself, you will care for yourself appropriately.  I know that your culture has an unwritten law that says that those who are self-effacing are to be prized; as if to stand up for yourself was an egoistic gesture – one obviously instilled in you by that “evil” ego clamoring for attention.  That is not a threat you need to ponder.  If you are sincere in being perfect in your realm as God commanded, it will be your delight as well as your duty to uphold yourself in that context, for obviously, then, you will be all that you can be ~ and thus at your best for others.

“Are there questions?

Student:  “So we manage it by learning first how it is affected by various things.  And whether or not we care determines whether or what we do with the knowledge that we gain.  That does sound like a life-long project, like gaining wisdom.”

Bob: “Yes, but, it’s merely remedial, in that, this knowledge is built into you.  You just need to regain remembrance of it.  If you were living on a normal world you would already know this by inheritance.  You haven’t been taught this because there was no one to teach it in this way, from this perspective.  You have all had health classes in school, certainly, and yet it’s a rare individual indeed who will stick to those food groups and nutritional requirements, as well as all the other elements of maintaining good health and sane electrical currents, in a world so distraught as this one.  You had a question?”

Gerdean: “Well, I was just thinking, what happens if you get in there and you’re working with your body parts from the inside out and you get the hunch that you really ought to do something like … who knows? … like, ‘eat more pickles!’  And you find yourself eating a jar of pickles a week.  Is that silly?  I mean, I can just see that kind of thing happening and being ridiculous about it and getting certain … cravings.”

Bob: “It is entirely between you and your Physician, is it not?  Isn’t there some phrase in your culture that speaks to the doctor-patient relationship?  Is that what you are worried about, is that someone will laugh at you or that you will make yourself sick from eating too many pickles?  If you feel you need pickles, eat pickles.  And when you discover you are fooling yourself or that you are getting well, adapt accordingly.  Don’t be afraid to experiment!

“If you are floating around in your body and you discover something amiss and you attempt something, and it is not effective, are you worse off because you tried something?  Or better off because you tried something?  It’s your responsibility.

“This is the essence of my remarks about the electrochemical system, except to say there are certain realities that will be provided for you when you are given your morontia body that will provide those self-same pleasureful qualities as you know now in the material sense, without those drawbacks which serve you in this material form.

“My Lady and I are now being ‘lifted off to other Ports of Call.’  We appreciate your service, your company, and your association.  Have a good evening.”

Gerdean Bowen is the author of "The Zooid Mission."

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