Let Your Lights Shine.


US of A; August 21, 2003

Christ Michael

Contributing Receiver

Michael: "Yes, be like beacons of light, and let your lights shine. You have all heard these words before, but you do need the occasional reminder about who you now are. You are My ambassadors of Love. Who else knows Me so well, and if you were not to shine in My Love, then who shall I send?

"This is a world of darkness, it would seem, but you do know the truth. You have messages to deliver to those who know not the Father's great Love for each and every child in His world. You have the kindness of the Kingdom to deliver to all those who surround you.

"There are many today who await even the smallest of gentle touches, and you can give a smile to everyone you meet along your path today. Little do you realize the light - the very great light that is extended in just one of your smiles.

"Be eager to show forth His Love, and give as you have so graciously received. Know that I go with you every step of your journeys, and you will do well. Be happy that you have decided to become the chosen ones, and that you are many. The Kingdom advances beautifully, because you have elected to serve in His very great Ministry of Love.

"I am Michael."

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