The Town of Bam - A State Of Mind (Part 1).


Illawarra District, Australia, December 29, 2003

Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22).

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: "You are only human, dear brother, and as such there is a seemingly ‘absolute end of the road’ for you and your siblings in your terrestrial wanderings.

"Should you have been with us whilst our main task in Iran was in progress, you would have felt, taken upon yourself, and been stricken by the unimaginable horror that resounded throughout these mounds of debris. So many of the unfortunates tried clawing away in an effort to make their way out.

"Should you have come along with your midway brothers and sisters, you would have witnessed the desperation with which some tore away at the rubble in the despair of losing their loved ones.

"The fear of physical death is one of the greatest fears you mortals will ever face, and you do so almost to the point where all other fears unknowingly rest upon that one pervading angst of your final demise.

"There is the brave God-given part of you, and there is the timid animal part of you—quite separate parts in fact. That is why you are still a million miles away from becoming utterly fearless. And these fears will reverberate throughout your lives, all aspects of your lives, and it has made for the many don’ts and taboos your various races are accepting of.

"Your acceptance of Eternal Life, however, may well be a belief bordering on great confidence, be wistful, hopeful, but it is by no means an unqualified conviction. It cannot be, and therefore therefrom spring most of your irrational fears, and it is ‘greatly diluted rationality’ you have been dealing with, are still dealing with, in the controversies about human-celestial interaction.

"Compared to you, we Midwayers have a far greater list of dos and don’ts that direct us to, or restrains us from, doing many things of which you would know us to be capable, or expect us to involve ourselves with. However, we can neither stop every accident, warn you of every tragedy in the making, nor can we on behalf of our God decide that someone should live, another be taken.

"We face many restrictions concerning the scope of our work, and there are many conditions placed upon us in how we communicate with you. From a necessity viewpoint, however, we have communicated with you and countless others and throughout the ages in many varied ways.

[End of Part 1]

[Note] The question posed (just shortly before the Iran earthquake struck) dealt with acceptable levels of mind in the process of channeling our Teachers’ lessons. There are many channelers who accept only certain levels, whilst fiercely rejecting others. There has long been much controversy associated with this.

This was rather a lengthy but useful transmission, so I decided to chop it up.

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