The Father Lives Through You.


Idaho, US of A, January 5, 2004

Celestial Engineer, Isaac.

Received by Sandy Montee.

Isaac: "Hello Sandy. This is your friend, Isaac, momentarily dropping by to brighten your day on the way to another task."

Sandy: "I’ve missed you a lot, Isaac. Thank you for coming."

Isaac: "I am a visitor here, not a teacher per se. As I travel around this fine planet, I am greeted everywhere by God’s abundant creations. We have a bright blue cloudless sky here, many evergreen trees, their branches laden with spotless white snow that sparkles like diamonds.

"It’s a grand winter scene that God has delighted in presenting in all its splendor on this new day in a new year that promises new hopes for a better future, and wonderful new experiences.

"The Creator has many more gifts to shower upon His children. Accept His gifts with delight and look for the miracles that fill your days. Look for the good in everything you see, as the Father lives through you all, His precious offspring.

"Let us give thanks to our Father as we count our blessings each day. Savor each moment in happiness, joy and anticipation, trusting that God will keep on giving and sharing all His creation with you.

"I must be on my way to a far off place. This is Isaac."

Note: "Expect-him-when-you-hear-his-voice" Celestial Engineer, Isaac, can be at work for weeks on end. Then he has a lengthy break he calls "holidays," and they are mostly spent on this planet. He is involved with the ongoing reconnection of the communication circuits, here and on other planets. He can travel through space without the help of transport seraphim, and he works mainly with Melchizedeks, Life Carriers, and Midwayers - Sandy.

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