Clothe Yourself in the Garment of Love at Each Dawning.


US of A, December 7, 2002

Christ Michael

Contributing Receiver

 “Yes, ‘The Paradise of His Intent’ will come, and in certain respects it has already arrived, for you are creating your own little paradise on this earth.  And remember, always, that Paradise was never intended to be a work-free environment.  You will always have the daily chores of puling weeds and planting seeds, for clearly there will never be a harvest without the preparation of the soil, and the planting of the seeds that follows.  Life is ever sowing and reaping, my children, and without a doubt, you most certainly reap quite what you sow.

“The weeds of anger, bitterness and discontent spoil our garden, and they take up much valuable space where beautiful flowers of love might blossom.  Love is our Father’s will for all His many universes, and there you will toil all the days of your lives in His will to simply love one another.  So be content to understand the Father’s plan; that you are here in this earth experience ‘to sow’, and ‘to reap’.  You will broadcast love and you will harvest love, for it is the Father’s wish for all His children that you will labor in His will.

“Look about our gardens on this day, and think about the chores that need to be performed.  Are there a few weeds to be pulled, perhaps?  Just do it!  Could there possibly be much love to sow?  Of course there is!

“You are getting acclimated to the terrain we tread together.  Loving one another is becoming less of a chore and more of a habit, is that not so?  And you are beginning to comfortably settle in for the long haul, as love is a joyous habit.

“Love is a beautiful garment in which to clothe yourself at each dawning.”

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