More About Love.


Schoten, Belgium, February 4, 2004.
Teacher Meera.

Contributing Receiver/Translator, W. V.

Meera: "I am here, Meera. I have come to teach you something more about Love. I know you don’t know me, and that you can’t remember ever seeing my name, but it is of no importance because you can feel my love and honesty surrounding you and it makes you very happy inside.

"That, my friend, is the reason why I wanted to write to you today. Too many people think ‘it are only people’ they know who can ever care about them, but they are wrong. There are so many of us out here who really care about all the people of this world, but whom they have never met. So you see, it is of no importance whether or not you know someone or not, there will always be people who love you and are trying to help.

"So, now I ask you: ‘Why keep trying to get love where you can’t get it?’ Haven’t you just felt my love so strongly that it made you smile and feel good inside? Do you think I could give you that feeling when I didn’t really have those feelings for you? Of course not! Didn’t they make you happy? (Yes) Well, isn’t that what you want to feel? (Yes)

"So, why is it that we as humans keep neglecting the love we are getting and keep trying to get love at places - people - we can’t get it? It is only because we think it is easier to live without it and because we think it is a burden to carry such a treasure around with us.

"I can see you do not understand what I am trying to tell you, but that’s OK. One day or another, you will find out what I mean, and you will realize the truth of what I am trying to say.

"Now, let me help you feel better everyday, because that is what I want to do for you. Let me give you hope, for it is so much more then just a simple thought. It is the spark to every evolution.

"Giving people hope, is helping to build a better future. So start spreading hope around the world, for as long as people keep hanging on to their doom scenario's, they are blocking their own evolution. Try spreading as much hope as you can and you will see this world change before your own eyes.

"To love is to give the best of you and the best of you knows that there is hope for all of us. Why? Because it is founded on Love, True Love. And because of that, hope will turn into reality, reality will change because of hope and change means loving evolution, because it is founded on True Love.

"So spread your wings and start giving this world what it wants so that this true evolution can take place!

"I am your sister, Meera, and I am glad you took that pen and let me write today. I hope you enjoyed our little conversation and will leave you with my love, for now."

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