Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread.


Itís all Relative

As was Ruth from a strange land
Abandoned by widowhood but not by a Relative
So I have come with destitution
Into Your land of plenty,
Your love, Your peace.
And I have everything.
In You I have all...
And am All.

Posted February 24, 2004
US of A, February 12, 2004

Christ Michael (Jesus).

Received by Jim Young.

Jesus: "Jim, your utter dependence on Me completely shows your rational understanding of true independence has matured significantly and is being perfected by selfless service.

"Perhaps your fellow humans, who scrape, scamper and scurry in trying to make a living any way they can, cannot or refuse to grasp this. But you have felt the destitution, as your poem suggests, of not being fulfilled without your true Relative, the Kinsman Redeemer spoken of in the Hebrew text you allude to.

"ĎGive us this day our daily breadí also echoes this thought in that the very truest, the most complete nourishment and need-meeting is done by the Fatherís love and grace. I am a part of that grace, that favor that feeds your deepest hunger. Bread was also a very common need in My human lifetime, just as it is in yours. But let bread here signify any true need for the Father. It can include restorative phenomena such as forgiveness and belonging as well as mental, spiritual or physical healing.

"What need do you have, Jim? [For] Any need you have [there] is bread to satisfy that need, which is My delight and joy to supply. Everyone comes to Me empty, only to be filled to the extent that I spill over out of their lives into the lives of others.

"Thus do I multiply Myself."

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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