One Day At A Time.


Posted February 29, 2004

US of A, February 13, 2004

Christ Michael (Jesus).

Contributing Receiver.

Michael: "There is no need to hurry on the path, and I want you to put out of mind any sense of urgency you may feel about completing the curriculum. Our Fatherís Plan for steady human advancement is a perfect plan, and therefore there is no need for a sentiment of failure because you do not quickly learn all the lessons He presents you with.

"So frequently have you cried out, "How often must I fail?" Be patient, for you know that in reality one learns more permanently by countless trials and many errors. You often hear Me tell you that you do well on the journey, so trust in Me for it is the truth. You are advancing step by step towards the goal of peace on earth, which begins with you as you love one another and practice forgiveness. Leave the battles of life to our Father, for there is never a need for warfare.

"Let us simply take each day, one day at a time. There is enough to do each day without you ever taking along the burden of unforgiveness from what is past and gone. If you have been wounded on the battleground of your yesterdays, I ask you to heal yourself. Recover from your wounds with the healing balm of forgiveness. And, yes, you wound yourself so often, too.

"Forgive yourself for your impatience, for the Path is slow but perfect. I will remind you often of that truth.

"Enjoy today, the now, and become familiar with the principle of living each day in the present. The past is but like a dream, and you would surely not repeat a bad dream over and over again.

"Let us press on together to receive all that is good in the present, and let us appreciate this unblemished day, while we do all we can to further peace and love in our Fatherís Universe."

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