A Warrior for Christ Michael.


Illawarra District, Australia, March 14, 2004

Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22) .

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: "Take your mind back to "yesterday" when you finally discovered who we actually are and where in the Celestial hierarchy we are placed, and now take your mind back to our first meeting. Go back to your childhood experiences of the many visiting entities you became accustomed to seeing. To us it is as yesterday - relatively recent, so considered. For you as a babe in arms, it is but a moment in time before you reach old age.

"We were there two thousand years ago when our Champion, Christ Michael (Jesus), walked this earth, and we were greatly encouraged about our world’s future prospects then, as much as we soon despaired and distressed at witnessing the barbarity of his crucifixion. Again and again we relived that disheartening "slice of time" as Jews and slaves by the thousands upon thousands were crucified.

"Go back another three thousand years to the time when Machiventa did so much to organize us into a more successful force. Consider the outright barbarity of so many involved in human sacrifice, and the slaughter of countless firstborn. Now let your mind contemplate going back another thirty-two thousand years and you have arrived at that moment in time, that period in time, when the 1984 (Midwayers) came into being.

"Already, there was a great deal of division, intense hatred between the most intelligent of your races, and much warfare in those days. Into that environment we were born, at a time of not only frequent human sacrifice, but also cannibalism. And it is in that sense that we were soldiers, and since our main task was that of protecting the clans of our immediate human relatives, I rightfully claim to be a warrior first and foremost.

"By consensus only, I became one of the chiefs of a small (midwayer) tribe, by ability and especially in your human eyes I am a shaman, and because of my present-day function by the Grace of Michael’s Correcting time, I am a teacher, also. Just like you continue to be all you ever were, and with your diverse occupations over time, I am and remain all of these, for long ago is like yesterday when memories never fade.

"Thirty-seven thousand years by your reckoning is an enormous length of time. Strictly speaking, it was only in the last minute to midnight of that thirty-seven-thousand-year day when we could safely go about without our armament. Even though the important part of our activities may very well been seen by you to be the teaching, we still consider ourselves to be warriors in Michael’s cause, as year after year, century after century, we soldier on in His Name.

"And, yes, today most of you would see the break-up of our number as white or black, loyal or rebel, of the 1,111, or belonging to the 873. In reality there were many Secondary Midwayer groupings. As the human families split up, went their own way, and changed in outlook and behavior over time, the Secondary Midwayers were likewise effected in their equally uncertain world. And in such close and enduring associations, these ever-more diverse human cultures naturally did have an effect upon us of the Midway Realm.

"Only finally were there two choices; with Michael or against Him, and 1,111 of us fortunate "gamblers" all drew winning straws. Adieu for now, brother."

Notes: I questioned why he long ago introduced himself as a warrior, chief, shaman, and teacher, and in that order, when he looked to be far too young to have excelled at more than one of these four professions, and surely chanced being disbelieved by me, as was the case. He told me so because it was the truth.

I also wanted to know about what caused the sharp division between the 1,111 and the 873, and was this always so.

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