Throwing Pebbles into A Pond & Rounding Off A Career-Soul Growth.


Illawarra District, Australia, March 27, 2004.

Teacher Samuel.

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: "It is our dear friend and Head of Faculty, Machiventa Melchizedek, who is our number one lecturer in charge of the curriculum. This is Samuel, trusting we are both well prepared on this fine day to speak of soul growth.

"As a relatively new arrival on this planet, and sublimely graced by the opportunity to serve as a member of the Prince’s staff, I often still feel like I have only just started my undergraduate career. And yet, I know you value me for being a knowledgeable teacher, and a teacher to many others, since you freely share my ‘essays’ with them all.

"In allowing yourself to be a tutor to your siblings in this way, and wherever they are in faraway lands, you may appreciate the analogy that we, as a team, are throwing pebbles into a pond, the ripples of which will radiate out positively, far and wide. However, it is there where the analogy, the resemblance ends.

"The lessons that are endorsed to come your way do not stop when the ripples in the material pond subside and the pond becomes tranquil again. These communications are permanent for they are recorded for many to read and re-read long after you will have joined us in our realm. And in this sense the very same pebbles of today splash back into the water; tomorrow, next week, next year, and the impressions they leave behind on the thirsty souls of those of your future generations will be as new.

"You and I have embarked on a career which has become a close and devoted association, and yet we are also constantly rounding off our respective careers of mortal and spiritual life. Yes, concurrently with our cooperative dissemination of these lessons, we are also experiencing a constant balancing of our life-long careers and we are doing so with considerable assistance.

"I see that I have puzzled you, but no mind my dear friend. There is a marvelous mechanism for the rounding off of any soul career on earth, and it is called memory. There is also the best-qualified Assistant to aid you in bringing to mind those myriad cases of ‘spilt milk’ one produces during a lifetime. The irreplaceable Assistant is your very own caring Spirit Self, your Pilot Light, your Thought Adjuster, giving you the opportunity to analyze, forgive self, and therewith produce soul growth."

George: "Psychology teaches us they can be a sure sign of aging, possibly a prelude to senility if they are of an obsessive repetitive nature, and frequently associated with guilt. Sure, they are often good memories, too."

Samuel: "The purpose for these spiritual inputs and clear recollections of seemingly out-of-place memory gems is for them to be analyzed, for the individual to come to terms with, learn from, and achieve better balance by becoming more acceptant of self. That improving equilibrium, that growing maturity, my friend, is a great contributor to soul development. These intruding memories are not meant to stir the feelings of guilt, become the cause of an exercise in self-flagellation, or even expressed self-blame.

"Indeed, the clear realization that you are created imperfect, and that you are merely on a long journey toward perfection is part of their purpose. Do allow that self-acceptance. It does so represents soul growth. This is Samuel, and I’m ever ready to be with you when you call on me. Good day my brother."

George: "Thank you, Teach."

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