In The Midnight Hour.


Vancouver, US of A, December 31, 2004.
Secondary Midwayer, Amehlia.
Received by Mechelle.

Amehlia: “Warm greetings to you from the Celestial Realm, dearest one. I am Amehlia, and I am by your side this evening to tell you of the abundant love in which we wish to immerse the entire mortal world.

“In the midnight hour, I come to you with delicate and tender whispers of encouragement and devotion. The entire Celestial Realm is positively beaming with pride for our human counterparts. Imagine if you will, the sheer elation one experiences as the precise moment of ultimate harmony is upon you. This, my dear human friend, is how euphoric we are about your accomplishments, of so very many arduous tasks at hand.

“In the midnight hour, I come to you to bequeath upon your earth, with chaste and precious love, chasing away the lower energies from the mortal body, swaddling you tight in a cocoon of protection. Egos are lost as vulnerability sheds a new light of hope and acceptance.

“In the midnight hour, I come to you with powerful praise and hearty congratulations! In a world where suffering and depression are commonplace, you overcome staggering odds of defeat! Overwrought frailty has finally vacated. Valiant, brave, and courageous mortals restore Faith once more. Strong and unabashed tenacity exemplifies raw and powerful control!

“We celestials cannot make you understand, in your three-dimensional and time-limited world, the bottomless depth or abundance of the overflowing, infinite love we have for you! Look up into the Heavens, and let your eyes catch the twinkliest of stars. That is us, and it is our way of saying ‘Thank you, precious mortals, we do so appreciate all that you endure, and we are so proud of each and every one of you!

“When you need a gentle hug, or need to feel valued, or needed, call out my name, as I am here for one and all! I love you so very dearly; I will always be near.

“This is Amehlia. I will be with you often.”

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