The New Year Curriculum.


US of A, January 1, 2003

Christ Michael

Contributing Receiver

Michael: “I welcome you now to this New Year, my brothers and sisters.  Do you remember when as children you returned to school after the summer vacation?  You wondered about the new teacher you would have, and if you could handle the new curriculum.  You were apprehensive.

“The New Year lies ahead in much the same way, now as it was then.  You will have many new lessons to learn, and the curriculum of life is ever changing, of that you can be very sure.  Yet we go together, you and I, for you will never walk alone, and our path will lead towards continual growth.

“You understand now that you are meant to love one another.  You have come to understand the principles of sowing and reaping.  Now we can simply follow the rules each day, and as you arise each morning, you may do a little weeding in the garden of your thoughts, then fill the pockets of your hearts with the seeds of love and venture forward to do the Father’s will.

“The Plan never varies, yet the lessons of the New Year will differ for we must progress ever forward, in that we have always the weeds of negativity to pull, and the seeds of love to sow.

“Step-by-step the Kingdom is advanced, and lesson-by-lesson, you, the ambassadors of His will, do advance, also.  For you are not the same person who ventured forward through last year into this, and you will hardly recognize yourselves with the advancements of this New Year just arrived.

“You are about to bear some amazing fruit, my children, for you will advance mightily in His principles of love.  Yet hurry not, because the Kingdom advances one step at a time -- one lesson at a time.  You will hear my words often in the year ahead.”

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