Lessons Of Joy.


Cheshire, UK, January 19, 2005.
A Thought Adjuster’s Message.

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Thought Adjuster: “It is important that you always learn the lessons that present themselves to you during the course of your lives. This does not mean that you will learn them the first time they occur, but these lessons are lessons you have chosen, part of your paths towards the Divine, and the more complete your learning upon your departures, the less work that needs to be done upon your arrivals in the next worlds.

“Many of these lessons are lessons of hardship. Some are lessons of joy. All have their worth, and have been specially selected as suitable for your chosen directions.

“Too often do we cling to the lessons learnt in hardship, as to the ones where we have fought and won. We do not so often see the lessons learnt in joy, where the glory of God has become manifest within us, and promises shades of that which is to come.

“Some of these lessons are attributed to Divine will and are not claimed by the individual as a lesson for themselves by themselves. Others find themselves swiftly rejecting the lessons they do not wish to learn—lessons of joy—but through the feeling that they are not deserving. These are lessons of accepting praise from others, of accepting their love, or accepting their support. These, too, are lessons.

“They are those at grace with themselves who can accept these gifts from others without turning to shame themselves, or rejecting the truly given, heart felt gifts from others.

“If you do not believe that you are worthy of such gifts, then how can you expect to move closer to your own God Self? This is not to say that arrogance is the way either. To expect such gifts causes a loss of humility, and a dependence upon the approval of others.

“Those who shine only from the blessing and praise of their kin, too, do not feel worthy within their own selves. Instead, do strive to always accept praise as it is given, and accept the bounty of life shared by others, for accepting it honors yourself and the ‘bestower’ of the gift.

“But do not become attached to such blessings. In the way, walking the middle path, you grow to love yourself, but to not require others approval to walk your truth and keep within the eye of the Lord within.

“This is the lesson of joy.”

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