The Reality of Progress.


Illawarra District, Australia, April 13, 2004

Teacher Midwayer Mathew.

Received by George Barnard.

Mathew: "I thank you for picking up on my signal, and also for providing me with a comfortable chair where I can place myself in the lotus position. Your new habit of providing a chair for us communicators close to your left is a thoughtful gesture more receivers might consider when they realize we do not just float in mid air, since we are almost human.

"I appreciate being recognized as an occasional teacher, as well as being the common "postman" bringing you messages from higher sources. It’s good to see you smile. This is Mathew, my dear friend, and it’s wonderful to be back after busy times spent overseas.

"The places of our engagement during the last few weeks are just a little quieter now, but the bulk of our force is (still) involved with the turbulence in so many countries at this moment. Indeed, should we be allowed to do what we came here to do, our work would be of a major, purely spiritizing endeavor, rather than a frequent wholesale tending to souls that suddenly find their earthly bodies to have expired before their time.

"There often is a considerable misunderstanding of what "Progress" is really all about, but as and when circumstances change, we grasp every opportunity to advance progress in all kinds of fields. On occasions this can mean both: The aiding, healing and assisting of our mortal cousins on the one hand, and the minimization of damage where we can on the other. All these are included in "Progress."

"There may be scientific discoveries with which we endeavor to assist. There may be forward steps that can be taken in the arena of education where we can inspire. There are timely discoveries to be made in the fields of health and medicine where the answer in single human’s brain and mind may "hang on by a thread," and our input will bring it to the fore-to the forebrain-to realization.

"Your scientific progress has taken great leaps and bounds. The humanities, however, have not advanced as favorably and in fact of late (have) taken some serious backward steps with groups and individuals. And as you will have grasped by now, World War III has begun, and amongst those who are heralded to be freedom fighters and patriots there are terrorists, and among those who are despised as terrorists and militants there are true and loyal freedom fighters. It is in their individual minds and by their deeds that spiritual growth is produced or remains stunted.

"There is much darkness, and yet there are equally bright lights we see on the battlefields even amongst those who mistakenly still believe that wars can provide any solution whatever, are ever justified, or will of themselves proclaim a peace to end all wars. It is amongst those who do not concur that we see the greater, stronger and most numerous lights turn on that will light up your planet in these stirring times and allow it to advance just a little more towards the times of Light and Life.

"Yes, true, there is a polarization of ideals and ideas, and where many have become greatly judgmental about opposing ideologies. And then there is an uprising where countless more who truly within themselves have become ‘the caring’ for their fellow man, are understanding of great differences. They will keep walking a bright and luminous path of great tolerance towards their new lives even as they in time pass over into the next realm.

"Do not waver in your resolve, whatever your fate, and hold on fast to your Faith, for it is from these barbaric times that growth is born for the greater number by far. Remember your news and information services often see only the dark side of the overall picture where in many instances great forward steps are being taken that are clearly noted by us. This is Mathew. Good day."

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