The Urgrund of Criticism-Fear.


Illawarra District, Australia, April 17, 2004.

Teacher Samuel.

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: "For me, my dear brother, it is a considerable pleasure and honor to converse with you through the kind services of our Midwayer Friends. Especially in view of the likelihood you will transcribe this discussion and pass the lesson on to many of your contemporaries, some of whom will in time choose to hand it to those yet to come when our tasks here will have long been finished. This is your teacher, Samuel of Panoptia.

"The subject of my lesson is criticism-the offering of critique-be it so requested, uncalled for, or even totally unwanted. Undoubtedly beyond your imagination now, and likely so for many more ages to come, is the reality of our Creator Parent whose pure, eternal unconditional love is so sustaining all that is, and He will not in His Infinite Wisdom offer critique. Admonish, encourage, and love, yes forever, but not criticize. We, evolutionary beings of animal origin, will do so by nature.

"And whilst those who are mortal and of mortal origin are far from created perfect as the Creator of All is perfect, it is in the area of criticism that a great deal of damage can be done. It is so human, so very human, to think of oneself as having attained a degree of perfection, to see oneself as living a well-rounded lifestyle, and to view others as having obtained hardly a modicum of perfection in that sense. So easy to perceive the splinter in another’s eye, and overlook the beam in one’s own.

"Where primitive man would puff himself up, paint himself with war paint, brandish his weapons, and attack with great howls and cries-or defend himself-we, in modern times, when such behaviors are no longer appreciated have found another way. We will use criticism as an offensive weapon, a defensive weapon, or just to intimidate.

"Consider the basic and necessary impulse of fear that allowed the human races in their infancy to survive. Consider the all-important fight-or-flight response, and see criticism and cynicism as the younger second cousins to these attack and defense reactions. Understandably, criticism is born from the same urgrund-fear-which was craftily designed by your Life Carrier friends to allow animal life to thrive, survive and evolve to what you are today.

"They are truly blessed, those who can live and let live. And, yes, those who can lovingly advice without even a touch of a superior feeling being implied, or even entering their minds. Those who can affectionately serve and achieve whilst disregarding the failures of others. Those who will uncomplainingly shoulder the weight of another’s cross. Those who will respect the differences and those who will delight in hearing opinions expressed that are totally contradictory to their own, for those are the truly fearless ones without an ego to protect.

"Many are the varied provocations that cause one to be critical of another even of self. At their origin they may even have a heartfelt wish for another or self to do better, but I say to you, your Destiny Guardians have no such need, for they do not understand the basic fears that prompt the human to react in this way. They might well shake their heads in wonderment, you may one day find out, my friend, for they do feel the hurt that criticism can cause another.

"It is on the Mansion Worlds, however, where one at last learns to fully control those impulsive thoughts and reactions that are so human and so persistent as you strive toward perfection in dislodging the no-longer-needed or indeed no-longer-wanted or permitted ‘qualities of the beast.’

I thank you for your patience during this discourse. Till another time. This is Samuel signing off. Adieu."

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