Understanding Cause and Effect.


Sydney, Australia, April 29, 2004

Teacher Samuel (Part transmission)

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: "I want to speak with you this evening about the often misunderstood concept of "Cause and Effect." We have during this evening listened in on your conversation and we have made our mental notes. The term, "Cause and Effect," is often used inappropriately, and so it behooves me, for a better understanding, to bring to your attention some diverse circumstances you are well familiar with, and under which this term applies, or does not apply. Let us firstly cite cause and effect in a hypothetical case where it must always be the correct explanation.

"Should one regularly punish an immature child too harshly, unfairly, or even mistakenly, the child will learn to distrust and hate the significant elder. This would be a logical and direct response to the significant elder’s actions. This would be pure cause and effect. Yet, should the same child as a mature individual choose a life of crime, there are, at best, extenuating circumstances. The later wasted life of the mature individual, and the treatment meted out to the immature child are by no means a direct effect of an original cause, as free will is now a component.

"I give to you the examples of the Lucifer Manifesto, the Caligastia Betrayal, and your planet’s Adamic default. The rebelling Lucifer may be seen as the cause of the Caligastia Betrayal, but that is an incorrect view of the "Law of Cause and effect" since there was no obligation on the part of Caligastia to follow Lucifer into the rebellion. In fact, many hundreds of Planetary Princes did not "fall" for the seemingly better way that was proclaimed by the ruler of Satania.

"It is correct to state, of course, that few if any Planetary Princes would have betrayed their angelic and human charges had Lucifer been true to his cause. Yes, a lesser chance, if any chance at all, of Caligastia betraying the planet of his own accord. And so we may speak about circumstances conducive to producing these failures, not cause and effect, for one failure did not cause the next failure as a direct result, and here it involved personal choice by an advanced entity, not an immature child. Of his free-will choice Caligastia did do so.

"Again, the default of the Adamic pair was in no way a direct effect of the Caligastia betrayal, but circumstances were conducive, one must be certain, to producing failure.

"Had their future default been a certainty from the outset, they would not have been sent to the planet, or perhaps not at that time. Their default was always a potential, a possibility, but never a certainty. And, yes, had Caligastia been true to his mission, there would have been less of a chance for the Adamic pair to default. You see here, again, that you cannot rightly use the term "Cause and Effect."

"We, on your sister planet, Panoptia, did suffer from a similar betrayal by our Planetary Prince, but thanks to Elanora and her many helpers, her organization, her associates and fighters, our Planetary Prince became quite isolated, and in exercising the freewill choice that was ours, we stayed true to our task. We stayed true to Michael, and we did not veer from the path.

"It was not a foregone conclusion that we, as a group, would also default in ignorance, yet, much greater courage was shown by Van and Amadon than what the bulk of Panoptians ever displayed. So now we come to your present time, your present situation. Urantia has suffered from many disasters, the very last of all and most important being the Adamic default, which robbed you of a much needed genetic improvement that would have turned you into a less disparate and more stable population.

"However, in this environment your Creator Fragments still do find a way to lead you back to your very origin---Paradise. The general lack of quality of your genetic inheritance is indeed the cause that has as an effect so much of difficulties, misery and hurdles in life you must be made to experience to, yes, almost be forced to take the first step on the path towards spirituality.

"With full knowledge of the lifetimes to come, your Creator Fragment often suffers along with you, in order for you to progress at a steady pace, and for you to become the spiritual beings you must become. And yet, cause and effect does not apply here either, for throughout your lives you are given innumerable opportunities to more diligently answer the call of your God Fragment allowing you to find your way.

"At times many of you will view the difficulties you must overcome on this world with apprehension, and as a group you certainly experience great obstacles in your lives. As an ill-advanced, ill-endowed group you may well be the cause of many traumatic effects perpetrated on others. As individuals, however, you have countless precious opportunities throughout your lives to pause and consider and to find the right path and travel it with so much less of a heartache as would be the case when you unthinkingly disregard the prompts that will allow you to travel in ease and comfort.


"This is Samuel, I bid you good evening, and I shall be with you when you call.

George: "Thank you Teach."

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