Addressing Michael as Archangel Michael.


Sydney, Australia, May 4, 2004.
Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22).

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: "Who would have thought this youngster could actually do very little for an extended period of time? It has been a welcome change from his behaving like a hunted animal, seeing the messages as ninety-nine percent of what is important in the job, and the messenger as of virtually no worth at all. Good evening to you both, this is Midwayer Chief Bzutu."

Geoff: "Good evening Bzutu."

Bzutu: "We were interested in your conversation the other day about who Michael really is. It is understandable, in the sense, that the many of bestowals of Michael as a Melchizedek, a Lanonandek Son, a Seraph, a Morontia Progressor, and so on, would become a confusing matter in time, even in the early years of the Christian Churches.

"It was, in fact, on some of these occasions that Gabriel took charge of Kingdom matters, if we might so call them. And, therefore, they were seen by some as interchangeable, of equal standing, both archangels. So much of the Masterís teachings did go astray in the early years of what became the Christian Churches. There were such large numbers of uneducated people - such a large number of recruits, who simply did not have the time or the capacity to take in the many lessons.

"Much was taught by word of mouth, and in fact much time went by before the scribes dutifully documented what might have been done much earlier. There was a knowing that the Christian Church should grow to cover the entire globe, but in peopleís minds it became very much of a local issue. However, let me assure you that whenever and by whatever name you decide to address the Master, it will be fine by Him.

"Well now, this receiver has decided to make some drastic changes in his life, and I shall be there to remind him to carry through with his work, perhaps more efficiently, to throw aside those aspects of the job that can be handed to others. We shall see. We are still in the early, early stages of the Correcting Time. We are not yet counting on the world to beat an urgent path to your doors to learn all they need to know about Midwayers.

"Beyond the lifetime of this platoon, there will come forth many others in the English-speaking world, as indeed great activity is going on elsewhere. We on our part will do our very best to allow others in foreign countries to perceive the initial momentum we have created here, and to link up with us.

"You will find that as you make the connections there will be great variations in the concepts of their transmissions. You will be surprised, you will perhaps rejoice, and at times you will be aghast by the differences. All of them will be truth seekers, and all of the work will contain the co-creative, the human errors and flaws of reception. And so, you may at first not even recognize our combined efforts.

"Well, here perhaps is an opportunity to have some questions answered if my loudspeaker does not freeze up at this task. I greet you Geoff Cutler."

[End of Part One].

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