Put Away This Sword.


US of A, January 30, 2003

Christ Michael

Contributing Receiver

Michael: “Our Father’s business – our labor together – is to bring peace to this Earth, and this process needs to begin with each of you individually, my brothers and sisters.

“It is for you to lay down your swords of anger and malice, and to learn to make war no more.  All of you can stem the tide of hatred by beginning on this day to do your part.  You may often consider that you can do little on your own to bring peace to your earthly home, but I tell you now this ever-lasting truth; that global peace begins in the Inner Kingdom of self.

“I have taught that the Kingdom of Heaven lies within each of you, yet many of my children have created their own small personal hells within, and they need to release their true selves from these hells of their own making.  You must first learn to free yourselves from these infernos of your censuring, for then you will unlearn war.

“I will assist you in beginning this step-by-step process.  Trust completely that you do not walk this path alone.  And trust completely, also, that once you decide to seek with all your hearts and all your souls our Father’s will on earth, you will receive all the help you need.  It is your Father’s desire that you reach and maintain His Heavenly Kingdom within.

“I have taught of the maintenance of a weed free garden of the mind, and now we may begin a little Inner Kingdom cleaning.

“And I would have you begin on this day in examining some of the swords you carry.  There are a great many of our Father’s beloved children, who carry the sword of a razor sharp tongue.  Should you be the owner of one of these swords, put it away and raise it up no more.

“Before you leave our morning meeting, establish in your heart the true purpose for laying down your swords.  There is a better day ahead for each of you who will attempt this one loving act alone.  Of this you can be very sure.  Would that all razor sharp tongues of antagonism and spite were put aside quickly, all wars would end in a very short time.

“Should you desire peace on earth, my brothers and sisters, then consider what your part of that peace might be.”

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