The Chain of Command.


Illawarra District, Australia, June 2, 2004.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: "We find this subject in a receptive mood, and although we sneak into this home on a number of occasions during the day, now is a good time to talk. Let us both be at ease for a while, and cover some of the questions that are often asked. Am I at work right now? One might say so, although this is a spare-time moment for me. Rest and recreation. You might suggest an enjoyable interlude. Do we consider you to be work, per sť?" Iíve heard of some interesting names and unusual adjectives that are liberally bandied about, but work, no. We witness a slightly responsive smile here. We have progress! You could make our lives a lot tougher if you tried, and as many do.

"Actually, it would be more properly explained by my saying that we barge in, or that we come in for a soft two-point landing. We are Midwayers. We are not angels, not by a long shot, and whilst we are closely related to you, and whilst we do almost all of the work that needs to be done in the physical realm, they are the more time-distant angels that are given most of the credit. We trust that the time will come when due recognition will be afforded us. We can wait, while we continue to serve. We have patience by the barge load. This is ABC-22.

"Communicating with people in the way I do right now, is not yet an off-the-shelf line of business for us. At this point in time, and on our planet, the number of willing ears, the number of determined minds of those who will go through the likely, lengthy exercise of day-to-day stillness meditation, are but few. Most of our work is by gentle mind-to-mind suggestion with those who may be entirely oblivious of our presence.

"However, let me now carefully rephrase this. Indeed, the purely human aspects, which are so often considered by our contactees to be the only real part of their selves, are often not cognizant of our arrival, understanding of our messages, or aware of our departure, all of which may take only seconds. Their embryo soul selves may be quite sharply attuned, even joyful at our arrival. Their Father Fragments are, of course, pre-cognizant of our work. They are Fragments of the Creator of All, and hold within Their Selves the entire blueprint of their co-creative human partnerships.

"As you have witnessed on a few occasions, it is primarily the God Fragment in you, Whom we greet by bowing our heads in reverence, and by placing our hands, palms together, in front of our chests, precisely as is the custom in some Asian lands.

"Who then are our Superiors, our Instructors, our Teachers? Since this entire near-endless aggregation of time/space universes serves as, kindergartens for the learning about sibling-ship, schools for the imparting of practical experiences, and universities for advanced learning, there must exist a hierarchy of Carers, Teachers, Lecturers, and even Bosses, we might call them.

"Well, in the day to day work that we do, the Progress (Master) Seraphim are our immediate Superiors. Under Machiventaís direction in satisfying Michaelís mandates, they provide us with broad or detailed instructions. However, they are the younger Daughters of Mother Spirit, the humanís Destiny Guardians-your Angels who provide you with constant watch-care - that will and do communicate a specific human need to the Master Seraphim in charge.

"Via our Primary Midwayer siblings, the Master Seraphimsí instructions are then passed onto us, and we, Secondary Midwayers, then jump to attention and go about our ever-varied tasks. And yet, in the end analysis, it is the Creator of All, Who, through the Fragment that indwells you, is truly in charge of our actions. The mindal abilities of the Father Fragments, and those of the watch-caring Destiny Guardians are alike to such a degree that a constant connection is possible, unheard, unnoticed by us.

"Elevated much above us, these Daughters of the Creator of mind have, in this fashion, adequate contact with the Father Fragment of their humanís indwelling, yes, as well as with other Creator Fragments. And so, one can claim that every task that we take on, every task we perform and complete, we will have accomplished in the service of the Father Creator of All, and no other.

"Service is our reason for being. Service and worship is what we were created for. With our ranks thinned out to just 1,111, it was an awesome task to do the best we could, whilst so understaffed. With the rehabilitation and the return of the former rebels, with the influx of the welcome (Midwayer) helpers from the disparate corners of our universe, there now is a great increase in activity. Perhaps, you might say, well, not before time!

"More and more humans (that are) prepared to take on co-creative work in association with us, will be enrolled into the ranks of co-workers, individually, or in new groups of human-celestial alliances. And yet, for a time, the vast majority of them will have only subliminal contact, unless they decide to take up on the option of attaining closer contact, audible, and visual. And yet, in the vast majority of cases it will be more beneficial if they are unaware of their co-creative work with the likes of us.

"Well now, the common question is, "Why were the Midwayers not there when some accident or trauma came about?" The answers are; that we cannot always be there; we are not always requested to turn up, we may not interfere with human free will, even, we may not have enough time to get to where we need to go, and, as well, some things are simply meant to be.

"You humans on this greatly retarded planet will rarely consciously tread the path you were meant to tread, and, besides, your freewill prerogatives are sacrosanct at all times. Plainly, in instances of crime and willfulness, this would categorize our intervention as breaches of universe law. They are not the Angels, they are not the Midwayers, they are not the Celestial Teachers, and not even the Creator Himself, who are duty-bound, even allowed to protect you from yourselves. That is entirely your collective responsibility, as you learn, one person at a time, slowly advancing in understanding, that you in fact are your brothersí and sistersí keepers. All ways.

"Always, in all ways, and for everyone concerned, this is Secondary Midwayer ABC-22. Adieu my friend."

George: "Thank you, Chief."

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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