Even Before You Were.


Chile, June 3, 2004
"Juanitaís" Teacher


Each day I find that you are becoming more thoughtful in your dealings with others, and this pleases Me.  Each day I find that you are becoming more connected with Me, as you leave these same thoughts behind in your meditation, and this is My delight as I commune with you.

Look back over your life and remember the fiery person you used to be when you were younger and inexperienced.  Your trust and faith in Me have allowed you to advance, and, yet, you must not look back in anger of your imperfections of long ago, but strive to go further still in your acceptance of others, your life, and also your past.

Remember always Jacobís ladder, on which those who are perfect climb down to experience your imperfect world, and on which those who live lives of earthly experience climb up towards perfection.  Were you not made imperfect so you can improve?   Were they not made perfect so they can teach you, and instill in you the desire to go forward, upward on your Jacobís ladder?

Reach in, and reach out, connect with Me whenever you can and feel My embracing presence, for I accepted you and loved you, even before you were.

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