The Nature of Evil.


Atlanta, Georgia, June 23, 2004.
Joseph The Younger.

Received by Rebecca.

Joseph: Evil is not a positive, unified force - unlike God, Who is a positive, unified force. It is not an equal counterforce to the force of God. Evil is merely a negative, a negation of God. Evil is the turning away from God, rejecting His Love. It is inflating one’s own ego and feeling equal in power to God, and in the process, bringing harm to others. Therefore evil is not one unified force, unlike the one power of God. Evil is various and occurs multiply. It happens in human beings all over the world, all over the place.

Yes, there have been the ‘devilish’ beings of which people still speak, who tried to extend their influence over others. They were simply the epitome of evil in turning away from God and puffing themselves up in self-aggrandizement. It was the ultimate power play, the prototypical controlling abuser. And the only reason they could ever influence others was that people acquiesced and agreed to go down those paths. Otherwise they would have had no influence. It’s an innate inborn tendency of the human being, both to long for God and to be susceptible to turn away from God, sometimes just through momentary inattention. People underestimate how often evil is just a flickering thought that catches on, catches fire.

Evil is one possible outcome of free will - the free will to make choices, including to turn to God and follow His Ways, or to turn away from God and negate him. Evil is free will run amok, run rampant. But people themselves must choose the right. It’s their learning process. Therefore God cannot by definition eliminate evil, because free will is one of his gifts to man for our spiritual development.

You see, you are learning my vocabulary and I am learning yours. You have many places to go today - drive carefully. I am Joseph.

Notes: The questions were: What is the nature of evil, and why does God allow evil to exist?

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