The Consecutive Epochs - A Scrap of History.


Illawarra District, Australia, July 8, 2004
Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22).

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: It is important for you to further clear your mind to take in my voice prompts calmly and more accurately, to be my mouthpiece, and to leave any intruding personal opinions behind. I wish to speak with you about the time as it was, the times as they were, the consecutive epochs of progress, if you wish.

Good! Let us begin. Right now you have within your reach a huge amount of details and documentation on the Lucifer Rebellion. And it could be said that a hundred times more, a thousand times more, information is now available to your Midwayer Friends.

However, if you take us back to the time of our birth at the settlement on the shores of Lake Van, we knew a great deal less than you do now. The circuits were severed, and our Grandparents (Adamson and Ratta) were at the mercy of the endless task of planning, establishing themselves, and making safe.

We, the Secondary Midwayers, were the frontline troops. We were in the ditches, and, truly, what might have been hundreds of years of education about who we were, what we were, how our services were meant to be utilized, and what they entailed, was not readily available to us.

Much information, also, was conflicting, because such a large (pro)portion of the Primary Midwayers had long ago been sucked into the treacherous undertow of the Caligastia Betrayal. There was no Law, no rulebook, and no consensus. There was an ever-greater divide between the party of our distant Michael-Son and the ever-proselytizing Luciferian followers.

Politics, my dear brother, a war of words, ideas, lures, controversy and ideals. For us, as young as we then were, our necessary education left much to be desired, and we were quite clueless as to which way we should turn. During those times, also, by far the greater number of us Secondary Midwayers would have been well described as delinquents, lost souls, as you first thought us to be.

We were not considered to be a worthwhile, or an adequately unified, force to be associated with many other Celestial groupings. Once involved in lives that negated truth, beauty and goodness, like a powerful, growing addiction, a great number of us lost the ability to discern right from wrong - Godís Will from any selfish proposal that suited at that very moment. And gradually, the larger number of us went out of control.

It was during the time of Machiventaís incarnation that all of us learned to more clearly grasp the purpose of our being; to serve, and to emulate the Fatherís Love in our dealings with you. And still, we were left to fend for ourselves, discuss among ourselves, the right moves to make, those things better left alone.

It was during the next epoch, culminating at the time of Pentecost, when the vast majority of us finally, and clearly, understood which party to vote for. And yet, not all of us that clearly saw the light were capable of fully withstanding the painful withdrawal from undiluted chaos, except the 1,111 you all know so well.

Today, in these wonderful early phases of the Correcting Time, and with the circuits of all kinds being reconnected, it is at last possible for us to receive the entire curriculum. It is a joy to fill in our worksheets each day, to go forth with courage and confidence under Machiventaís guidance, and to set about our tasks. Most of all, because we have seen and lived so much of what was wrong, we know so much better what is right.

And it gives us the opportunity to be successful and steadfast leaders to our many wonderful Midwayer Cousins putting in extra time to be with us, to learn, and to assist this planet. You mortals that hear these words, you are fortunate, indeed, to be living in this time, right here, right now: the Correcting Time. My love to you all, at your service in all ways.

This is Midwayer Chief ABC-22.

© 11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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