Becoming Effective Spirit Guides.


Rockford Bay, ID, US of A, July 11, 2004.
Jessona - Teacher of the No. Idaho TM Group.
Received by Mark Rogers.

Mark: How do we bridge the gap between those of us who have experience in contacting the spirit presence and familiarity with it, to those who so clearly desire this experience and who appear to be eager and ready for this encounter in their experience?

I perceive in my life that there are individuals around who are very close to a spiritual breakthrough, and my question is; how then do I play a significant role, or any role, in the fostering and development of this connection of another to the spirit presence? I am open to any responses that I would receive.

Jessona: You have secured my presence with your request. This is Jessona. Like the others on my side of the curtain, I desire most wholeheartedly to work with you as individuals whenever and however these circumstances come to fruition. Your sincere seeking and searching has in fact produced the fruits of the very contact of this hour and therein is where you look to find the answer to your question as to how this interface we enjoy even now occurs.

Transmitter/receivers, or simply receivers, you still engage in the physiological response of uncertainty as to what exactly to expect in this arena of spirit. Your experience throughout this time has provided you with some semblance of parameters in which this activity may function, but even so, you approach each time and every time with some degree of human apprehension. And this element of your human nature is the element which your brothers and sisters likewise struggle with in this approach toward the experience of spirit reality.

This should provide you with a degree of understanding and compassion for all those who have not received the benefit of your exposure repeatedly to this process wherein you have developed some sense of comfort and ease but wherein most individuals are in uncertain and uncharted territories.

To the traveler who has been bold enough to experiment and to discover and to explore new regions of territory, they may wonder why the inexperienced, untraveled individual would view the voyage with apprehension and even fear.

Having explored and discovered the element of doubt, uncertainty, and fear has been overcome by personal experience, to the inexperienced traveler to be, the journey ahead appears fraught with uncertainty and possible danger.

The learned explorer may try in some capacity to ease the concerns of the inexperience, but with only some degree of success, as it is a matter of personal experience which in the end settles the doubt and uncertainty.

Therefore should you understand that your siblings in this lifeís journey are simply nervous about the journey and its potential experiences because they have not seen and are only hearing fragments of this reality through your interpretation.

Their interpretation might well be quite different than yours, and your explanation of your experience may help to ease some apprehension but will not provide for them any completeness of experience as they themselves make the journey and discover for themselves the security and safeness of their exploration.

They will become reconciled to the appropriateness of this journey in their lives. When you are exposed to the experiences of anotherís travel, say through a slide presentation or a discussion of their journeys, it may serve to whet your appetite for experiencing what they have encountered, and this is your privilege to those around you who have not made your journey.

When they come in contact with you and you are able to relate the experience of approaching spirit and its affect on your lives, they will become eager to gain this experience as well. And like the traveler to distant lands, it is important to relate to them the safety of your experience and the attendant benefits you derived from your exploration into this realm.

In this manner, you may whet their appetite but you may not substitute your experience for what they must encounter in their own lives and possess as theirs. You may act as tour guide, you may suggest avenues of approach and points of interest to dwell on, but in the end, each individual traveler will decide their own itinerary, their own stops and choose their own experience.

That is how you, as a tour guide to the spirit realm, may most effectively function in the presence of others who are eager to take this journey. Not as one who would provide them with experience, but rather as one who would guide them into the experience for themselves. Not as one who would draw up a step by step travel plan, but rather as one who would offer suggestions and techniques that are helpful and then would rely on the choices of the individual to fill out their own itinerary.

This question is quite serviceable for the time in which we are engaged in this grand experiment together. Many will come seeking a journey and not be aware of what exactly they are seeking, where exactly they would go, and what exactly they would do when they got there. You as ones who have enjoyed this experience, have traveled this road before, are stations along the path to provide guidance and comfort as these travelers journey outside their comfort realm and into the lands of spirit reality that you have come to know.

Assure them of the safety and certainty of this journey. Delay (allay?) any fears of doubts they might have about taking such a journey. Suggest to them the details of your experience, which have been most effective, and then point them on their way. Let them make their journey under their own steam, and with their own internal spirit guide.

Do not see their journey as in any way your responsibility, or somehow a reflection on your presentation, should they decide not to journey as you have expressed, but rather much as the attendant at an amusement park ride, simply provide them with instruction, and guidance, and information as they request, desire and need, and allow them to enjoy the experience of the ride for themselves.

If they do not choose to engage that particular avenue of experience, it is not a reflection on you as a tour guide or as one who would represent spirit realm, it is merely a reflection of their level of spiritual growth and their willingness for spiritual understanding. Therefore your jobs are simple and straightforward. Be honestly who you are, to express sincerely your own personal experience, and to offer your services in whatever capacity another may desire in your capacity to guide them down the path that you have tread in your life, realizing that their path will be different, their paths will be unique to them, but they may recognize certain milestones and certain landmarks that you will point out to them along the journey. And having traversed their own personal journey, to welcome them as experienced travelers in the realm and likewise commission them as I do you now, to help as tour guides and this is how person by person, the experience of spirit will permeate your world.

The Father has instilled within these travelers the desire to roam. It is but your privilege and your responsibility to provide guidelines and illustrations and suggestions for how another may have the most complete experience, and then to withdraw and allow for personal, individual expression, as they make their own journey.

Realizing the limitations of your capacity in this regard should free you from any sense of responsibility in the effectiveness of anotherís journey and lighten your burden so that you may become a joyful guide and therefore be a more effective guide.

I trust that serves to answer the question as I realize it is difficult to work this two-way communication circuit that we have developed. I welcome this opportunity to engage you as a trail guide for you as individuals, though you have tread a good distance into this, my realm of spirit, you have a great distance to traverse. I stand along the path, seeking to engage ones such as yourselves as you come up the path, to encourage you forward, to pass on the benefit of my experience and then to leave the journey itself up to you.

I witness you are eager travelers who have benefited greatly from significant time spent in exploration of this realm, which has served to quell your uncertainties and doubts to a great degree, but not to a complete degree. And therefore do we evermore encourage you to keep a sense of exploration and inquisitiveness so that you will always want to know what is over the next ridge and around the next bend so that your soul may be the greater expanded.

I point out that even with your limited experience, you have already gained the appreciation of the safety and security of this land of spirit that you explore. You have learned that there are no harmful fates to befall you, no enemies to catch you off guard, only the certainty of spiritual growth and the sense of accomplishments in this growth of your soul for which you labor as you make your way up and down your trails.

[Many thanks to Mark for allowing us to re-publish this important transmission from Jessona.]

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