Choosing the Picture.


Cheshire, UK, August 10, 2004.

Teacher Armesh.

Received by Helen Whitworth

Armesh: Greetings and welcome. There is much today in absence of thought and stillness of mind. The world seems calmer, yet more intense. Pitched away from the directions that you have grown accustomed to. All is going according to plan. This is just one of many shifts that will happen over the next year or two, as more and more of humanity awaken to their true nature and begin to fulfil that which is within their destiny and within their hearts.

The challenges of such times are many. There are new ways of working to become accustomed to, old habits to shed off like skin. Cleansing, growing, learning all take time, and none should be rushed. There is little doubt that the world is accelerating, and that all that is to come to pass is moving along at a rate un-foretold. And in such times it is easy to lose sight of the moment, to become so wrapped in what is to come that you forget to be Here and Now.

Enlightenment and awareness is available to you at all times, not just in the future. Though we understand it is harder to maintain this awareness at different times throughout your life. Remember always that all you need to do is to stop and look inside to have your answer and find your comfort. These times need not be uncomfortable. If you resist they will be. If you allow the flow and the resonance, then they will remain easy and will be times of fun and joyfulness. The journey.

In many ways humanity has lost its soul. This is not to be mourned, but rather looked at as a temporary hiatus that allows a higher and more complete soul to take its place. The spirit is still there, the spirit continues with you all, all ways. And it is with some difficulty that this effect becomes manifest, so long as it is resisted. It will happen. The choices have been made, and you have chosen evolution.

Much of your history looks different now. Much more of it will change. Even the old ways will be modified, will realize that the beauty and truth contained within them has been held back by structure that has now served its purpose. The many new teachings on this earth are part of this change and it will take some time to integrate the new knowledge, especially as change occurs so quickly at this point that the final result is not yet known.

Humanity still has a part to play in this path. It still has choices. It can shape the world as it wishes. However, that which it manifests will be beautiful. But it will be the collective consciousness that will decide which particular picture you choose to bring to life.

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