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Cheshire, UK, August 10, 2004.

Midwayers/Teachers Armesh and Zeen.

Received by Helen Whitworth.

The Teachers: There are many questions at this time regarding the nature of water, the nature of substance, and the nature of spirit…the nature of many things that you have become attached to over the years (by) living within your reality. We could tell you much, but much would not make sense in just a short time as our course continues to change and the reality in which you live continues to change.

There are areas, yes, it is helpful to pursue, that of resonance, for one. You are aware of this and we applaud your efforts of explaining how the nature of resonance can affect humans at their deepest level. There is much more in this subject that will come out over time. As for water, it is indeed the carrier of life. There are sparks in water that you do not currently measure, and it, too, has a great deal to teach.

The substance of spirit is one more difficult (subject). In time that, too, will be measurable, will be understood, but know that the way to fully comprehend its nature is not by experimenting with your wee electronic machinery but through the human experience. It will be possible to prove effect.

It will be possible to see the outcomes, but do not become attached to these, for then you become attached to another reality, which again is just another smokescreen protecting you from the full glory of All that is God, which you are able to contemplate at high levels, but to which you cannot draw overly close without danger to your circuitry.

Your way of (coming) closer to God is within your heart. Do not forget this.

It will soon be easy to lose yourself into the information that is available. There will be so much, which way do you turn? What do you learn of today? The choice will always be simple if you follow your heart, and many times you will find 'no information' is what is best; to learn purely your own way and then to join with others after time, to form consensus. It is exciting, yes, to understand more, and it may assist many in grasping concepts they are not yet ready for. It is often easier to accept first with the logical brain than with your heart, but unless it moves from that place to a full comprehension it is unimportant, and any of you now can have the knowledge you request by looking within yourself.

The world is a big place, and it is getting bigger. The veils are withdrawing. We do our best to not overwhelm you. You must take of that responsibility though for yourselves. We know you will be okay, you always are, and it is with love and tenderness (that) we watch your struggles and your learnings, your play. And remember, too, that play is the most valuable way of learning, especially for young infants as you are, as a race, at this time, starting to understand yourselves in relation to others, rather than the egocentricity of a small baby who is dependant, yet does not fully realize that anything apart from itself exists.

You are going through the translation from being center of your world that everything revolves around, to learning your place within a large society. It is a fun time. Do not lose sight of that. Through play you will always learn.

We send you love as always, and surround you in a storm of floating feathers, whirling around the room, drifting softly down. Bright white, land down-ily around you, swirling up, patterns, love, energy and freedom. Each one circling in its air current. Each one going to a soft landing, like big snowflakes, making softness, and blanketing on the world.

And so we blanket you in our love, and wrap you tight, and hold you, rubbing you down in a big white soft towel, to let you know you are safe, and you are secure and you are beautiful. We leave you now with fondness and admiration for your progressions as members of the human race. Armesh and Zeen.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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