The Shuttle, Technology, and War.


US of A, February 15, 2003

Manuel Melchizedek

Contributing Receiver

Manuel: “You have questions.  However, I know what they are.  I will attempt to reach you with symbols that you may translate to your style.”

“The most prominent question is about the Columbia Shuttle Disaster.  To all mortal viewers, it was a disaster.  To the Universe it was a correction.  The Shuttle mission could have been aborted.  It was chosen to continue.  Know this: There are certain things that are not allowed in what you call space.

“You are allowed free will on your planet, but not in space.  Some things that are planned by your Government to forward the space explorations are just not allowed.  Especially anything that usually involves nuclear weaponry.  Space consists of hydrogen.  It would effect the entire Universe.  There is a free and safe energy available to everyone on your planet.  It is well known by the power elite, but curtailed because of greed and personal glory.

“Several of your older technologies have been advanced into your current time sequence that, if allowed, would create great catastrophes. Your scientists are being advised by UNSEEN FRIENDS.  It is necessary for the survival of your planet.

“Meditate, and send Light over the entire planet.  Direct it to all the Dark forces and spiritually see the rise in consciousness.  It is imminently necessary.

“The potentials war?  Many nations have weapons of mass destruction.  So does your country.

“They cannot discover them in Iraq, because they have a method of hiding them in advance of the inspectors -- a very clever maneuver.  Will Iraq use them?  Perhaps to some extent.  The danger is to Israel, not the US.  WE cannot interfere.  You have been given free will.  And so it is.”

Manuel: One of the Order of the Melchizedeks.

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