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Cheshire, UK, August 31, 2004

Teacher Armesh

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Armesh: Right now there are changes occurring within the world of men. Your vision is being blown wide open and new information is appearing wherever you turn to look. This is brilliant news, and the progression goes well, however some are having difficulty in these things and are seeking solace in their own space, and retreating back to the safety of that which they know best.

It is not always easy to accept so many new things in such a short time, especially when the light is shining at the same time, a multitude of new energies, new colours and new ways of thinking. It is exciting to those who are used to the evolutionary process, but may be overwhelming to those who have never before considered the possibilities beyond physical reality.

Nurture these people and comfort them when you can. They are beautiful, as you are, and will grow to be worthy emissaries for the humankind on Earth, but right now they need reassurance that they are sane, and that the new things they are seeing are in-fact reality.

Many are teenagers, caught in the hormonal growth changes also. Whilst they may be deeply affected, they are also resilient and already in a state of flux, and so able to integrate these experiences alongside other changes in their personality and sense of being.

Older people will often have more difficulty. The mould is cast hard and difficult to reshape, but within every tree trunk, every piece of stone, there is a sculpture waiting to be released by the carving of the wind, the water or the firm sharp knock of the chisel. Some will etch slowly over time into that which they will become, others will be opened with one sure strike.

Be near to these people when you sense their presence. Give them the reassurance that you who have already learnt of the other worlds can give to those whose concepts of being are so challenged at this time.

Speak to them with love, nurture them and allow them their mistakes, as we have allowed you yours as you have grown over past years. Theirs is a quicker birth, but more violent and the presence of those standing waiting for them, those they recognise already, will help to make the process so much easier.

This is your job as ambassadors. All around, the shells are being cast aside, the armour thrown to the floor and people standing naked in the rain. They are innocent as newborns (in the new reality) and it is to be celebrated. Keep in peace and love and your job will be well done.

I Am Armesh.

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