I Walk This Path of Life With You.


USA, September 9, 2004.

Christ Michael.

Contributing Receiver.

Michael: Good morning, My Children. This is your Father/brother, Michael. Today is a beautiful gift, and I send you into this day as my ambassadors of Love. Your hands and feet and voice are one with mine. There is no separation between us, for the Fatherís Business is our collective endeavor.

There are brothers and sisters everywhere who need our loving touch. Look upon all these brothers and sisters with gentle eyes, and see them only through the eyes of love.

Fill the day with the Fatherís Love, and speak His Words of encouragement to the broken-hearted. Hug those who live without the human touch. There are many that hunger for the slightest feeling of their being loved.

You have heard Me speak these words before, and they bear remembering. You are the ones who carry the gospel of love throughout every nation. You may love in the smallest ways that seem so insignificant, but I tell you this truth; even a cup of cool water that is offered in My Name, is an important carrying out of our Fatherís Will.

You may believe that your lives are too ordinary to number in the Kingdom memoirs. But no, my dear ones, every act of loving kindness is remembered. One kind act upon another and His Kingdom will build gloriously.

I love you all with a passion beyond your measurement. I walk this Path of Life with you, steadily forward, and we must not waver, for there is so much to do. And yet, do not feel you need to hurry. Do not ever feel that the kingdom will be advanced with stress or worry. Steadily forward we will progress, by taking one first step, and then the next.

Your beautiful smiles bring great light to the world. Give them freely to every brother and sister that you meet upon your path, today and every day.

I am with you now and always. You are never alone or friendless with me ever by your side."

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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