Healing Methods.


Cheshire, UK, September 9, 2004.

Teachers Armesh and Progress Platoon

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Armesh: Today there is need for movement in different areas. The majority of work currently needed on Earth is for those beginning their journeys towards the light, and the healing methods which surround that, are of great use in these journeys.

It is important to collate all knowledge of how these healings are done. To share experience and method with each other, as there are so many methods now that many people are stuck with a form out-dated or unsuitable.

I suggest you start a forum specifically on healing methodologies and advice and suggestions from whoever wishes to share. These may be entire sessions or short visualizations.

This is something you are well-placed to begin and there are enough in the group with experience for it to quickly widen into another archive of sorts.

Please tell George the burden of this one will not be on him-allow others to lead under his watchful and benevolent eye. We thank you for your enthusiasm to service, Helen, and are sure you will not mind performing this task for us. We leave you with love.

The Progress Platoon through Armesh.

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