Illawarra District, Australia, September 16, 2004.

Teacher Samuel of Panoptia

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: "This is your Teacher Samuel, my dear brother in Christ. We return to the subject of our discussion, our important lesson about being steadfast in your endeavors of all kinds in the lives that you now lead.

"Think of the hardships that many of you have been able to endure during your lives. Think of the difficulties you have been able to overcome. Consider the successes that you all achieved. Although all are loved equally, it is your perseverance, persistence, your determination that in the character building you are about, will make you ‘more than equal’ in soul growth and personality improvement.

"Steadfastness acquired in the face of difficulties is a very much sought-after character trait, to ‘own’ in the realms you will occupy, and in the lives any ex-mortal will lead. And as long as you are prepared to continue to contemplate eternal life, as you must, let us talk on about what it will mean for you in your travels from here to Paradise by (having) the steadfastness you can here attain.

"Take note of my words that the improvements made to self by choice on this plane will count a hundred times compared to those achievements later acquired by obvious, clearly understood necessity.

"As I did on many occasions, you, too, will apply for a position as either a student to some series of Melchizedek lessons, or perhaps as a teacher to others that have come behind you to dwell on your sphere. Inevitably, in some instances, you will be found wanting, be disappointed, be deferred, and you will need every bit of your home-grown resolve to try harder, learn more, in order to qualify.

"The sincerity and professional determination of a long-serving Transporter Seraph is what it will take to prepare yourself for the demands that will be placed upon you - that you will place upon yourself in the furthering of time/space progress for all. Oftentimes your signed application will still not be accepted, but with determination the time will come when you will eminently qualify. Even then, you might need to whisper, ‘It’s my turn’, even say loudly, ‘What about me?’ Or perhaps "rattle the gates of Heaven."

"It is a delight, my dear friend and student, to find you in such a refreshed and jovial mood this morning. Our love and prayers go with you all. Always."

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