Conflict Throughout the World.


Atlanta, Georgia, October 1, 2004.

Jesus of Nazareth.

Received by Rebecca.

Jesus: “Write and I will tell you. Don’t think that you are not good enough to receive this message. I am here, Jesus. Do not be afraid.

“I see much conflict abroad, and throughout the world. I see pain, soldiers and people dying, children hurt and wounded. I see blood flowing, and I hear screams and howls and shrieks in the air, cries of grief and cries of physical pain. I smell burning flesh. I hear gunshots, cannon fire, whistling missiles, the sounds of war all around.

“The cutting of knives into flesh, beheadings, blood spurting—cut and wounded flesh all around. And in your country I witness perplexity, debates, confusion, and uncertainty over what to do. Leave, and the people of Iraq may founder. Stay, and the struggles go on. On top of that, acrimonious power struggles in your country. (You are doing fine.) Acrimonious power struggles cloud the debate.

“Now, I must tell you that it must cease. And how must it cease? It must cease from the inside out, emanating from the place of stillness, prayer, and peace, growing, spreading, outward throughout the world. The smallest child can help, the homebound older lady can help, the minister and his parish can help, and yes even the energetic robust carefree teenager can help. Most of all I remind you, and those like you, the busy, busy, responsible ones, too, can help by each day taking a moment to pray for peace and transcendence.

[A break — An Interruption.]

“There is much more I want you to record. You have a good group of listeners, and your collective energy is strong, rich, and powerful. I commend you, each and every one. Please know my love for you is strong. Of course I love all human beings equally, perhaps the poor, weak, and helpless most of all. But there is a distinct love for followers that is strong and it includes a mix of appreciation. The strength of your collective devotion draws me through to be able to speak.

“I am Jesus of Nazareth.”

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