Much You Can Do.


Illawarra District, Australia, March 3, 2003

Primary Midwayer, Andrea

Received by George Barnard

George: “Got your signal loud and clear, young lady.”

Andrea: “I greet you, George.  This is Andrea.  I’m most pleased you are taking the time to hear me out on this busy day for us both.

“We are hopeful that the war effort has stalled, that some serious negotiations can now begin, and we are delighted that some European nations, as well as the Russians, have so far vetoed any multilateral move to crush Iraq and its people.  Behind the scenes, also, much is being done (by celestials).

“Much work remains to be done, too, and we pray that a large enough number of people will continue to object from their hearts, their minds, and souls for the slaughter of innocents to not take place, and that the compassionate side of all mankind will show up in the undertaking of the rehabilitation of the Iraqi lands, in the treatment of its ailing people, and in the rebuilding of its infrastructure, all still in dire need of cleansing and healing, repair and replacement.

“We long witnessed your dear blood relative in politics, and admired his straight shooting, his clear thoughts, his outspokenness, and his great ability to care for those around him, and those he never even met – his examples in living God’s life.  Would that more like him were in power today, what an entirely more pleasant picture this world would project for the millions of celestial visitors we guide all over your world, our world, Michael’s world.

“But at this point in time, the Palestinian and Israeli question is still being debated.  At this point in time the Afghanistan issue is still awaiting promised funding commitments to be honored – not a pretty picture, indeed one of neglect – and at this point in time the Koreas are becoming evermore ‘unrestful’.

“Whereas I cannot yet project a great improvement in the short-term, I recognize and delight in the optimism in your heart that the people’s rights on all continents will be recognized and, will be honored, as the present standoff greatly polarizes opinion against war, and as those who listen to their hearts are reaping the spiritual benefits in the ‘light’ they carry around with them.

“There’s much you can do in prayer, stillness and meditation, as you appeal to the Father, to Mother Spirit, and to Michael to let peace ‘erupt’ on this tortured world.  We in the Midway Realm delight in seeing the upsurge in worldwide spirituality.  We in the Midway Realm have hungered for a time like this, when there is a worldwide awakening, among all nations, amid all creeds, and in even the smallest of backward groups.

“Carry on, brother, and pray.  Carry on and call for us, frequently, and at any time you want to share your feelings with me, or with brother Mathew, for he will be with you almost continuously in these crucial times, and as our audience grows.

“I thank you for noting my youthful demeanor and boundless energy.  I send my love, together with all of the many that take an interest in our ‘goings on’.  Farewell for now.”

George: “Thank you Andrea.”

Notes: ‘Youthful Andrea’ is about 500,000 years old.

The blood relative/politician Andrea speaks of was well known for reminding his constituents and colleagues that freedom from slavery was achieved ‘just yesterday’, and that they would be the politicians who would take that freedom away again, ‘tomorrow’.  He was a ‘watchdog’.

Seemingly, he was in politics because of an understandable dislike for politicians.  I choose to most of all remember him for his incredible generosity.

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