Finding Peace.


Cheshire, UK, September 20, 2004.
Teacher Armesh.

Received by Helen Whitworth.

“With the movement of mountains the world changes her shape. The followings of time begin to make sense and the structure and the forms manifest themselves. At this point, these are the times you live within, as the very nature of the earth changes, and she evolves herself.

“It is a difficult time with many lessons to squeeze into a short lifetime, and the movements may be things you do not understand. Always remember, though, that you as a collective, and you as an individual, move inexorably towards the place of greater growth, great freedom and of great beauty.

“You will find in your hearts that (which) will last. You are opening to praise of the Divine and the sense of being and belonging. As the forms of nature change, so, too, change the shapes of society. Old habits cannot be supported and the dead wood is being removed.

Within this time of turmoil, find the place of the quiet, for the strength to move through these times can only be found within your soul, your heart. With your Spirit guiding you, and your heart willing, the place of peace can always be upon you, even amongst the loudest of storms and the biggest of waves.

At this time, many people fear the changes, and the fear of changes is what will make their ways difficult. But by opening up to, and embracing change with the love in your heart, you will find the easiest way.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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