I am Sananda.


Cheshire, UK, October 25, 2004.

A Teacher called “The Scribe.”

[Abbreviated transmission.]

Received by Helen Whitworth.

The Scribe: “I am one you call The Scribe. The knowledge of humanity is held within a vast construct, a matrix of energy, which records all information, past, present, and future, as you see it within your perception of time illusion.

“Each moment of “the now” is faithfully recorded, and the information is used to assess probabilities, to find the best way of implementing an individual’s prayers, and to assist humanity on its path, as well as to assist the celestials in finding those most suitable for their work. All attributes of humans as personalities are recorded—their knowledge, their willingness to learn, their sense of the divine, and their flexibility, amongst other things.

“Each human is given a task according to abilities and according to a willingness to perform the tasks that he or she is conscious of. All humans, though, are given work, whilst many are not aware of the work that they pursue. However, purely by their subconscious, they are often led into situations where their presence is pivotal, or where their words will ‘awaken’ in another some information that is required.

“All humans are within service of the One. Those who choose willingly to stand in service, with full knowledge of what they are saying or doing, are the flag-bearers of your nations. Those individuals we can use in many situations where we dare not use an unaware human, who might default in his or her task, and through inappropriate use of free will at a particular point in time.

“This may of course happen with flag-bearers, also, but it is far less likely, and even if a variant is made from the original path, those who are aware and listening to their own guidance will be working from a direction that still enables the grand plan to continue.

“During these changes there are vast amounts of work to be done, and, as we are busy awakening as many humans as possible, this puts a huge amount of work on a small number of people at this point in time. Those of you who are affected by this, please, be aware that this is a temporary situation while others are being trained.

“Shortly, amongst your ranks, there will be many more who will be able to take upon themselves more specialized work, and work for which we are only able to assign those who are awakened. At that point your work will become less frantic and you will all be able to settle within the line of work most pleasing to yourselves. For when you are truly happy this is when you work best.

“We do appreciate the service you give us, and the service that you have already given throughout this life, throughout past life and throughout future life, within all aspects of yourselves, as living, breathing manifestations of the Godhead.

“In addition, the records are constantly updated and we only keep that which is of importance, for when you change, remember you change all of you. Your sense of time being as limited as it is, you are not able to see this at this point in time, but by changing your current thoughts and attitudes you change what you see and your past and your future also. So do not worry about your mistakes being of record for all time, since “all time” is not as you see it. When you change the patterns, you change the records.

“We care primarily about your successes, not about your failures, and we honour you for the hard work in difficult times that you see yourselves through. The rewards are great, both within this reality and within future realities, and the home many of you seek will be available to you more and more as you progress. In actuality you have never been away and All that Is, is at your fingertips as Children of God and as living, breathing manifestations of God.

“Those that assist you do so willingly, in love and in service, for among humanity there remains one of the few places where it has not yet dawned on each member that Service is ‘the greatest place to be’.

“Is it not when you assist another that the feeling of love comes closest in your heart?

“This is because in assisting another, you work with part of your God-self, and this connection to your God-self works through the physical organ you know as the heart. In actuality it is All of yourself. The only part which exists, as the rest of your body, and the rest of your energetic bodies that stretch from this point are just perceptions of reality, spread from the central core to more fully experience how else things may be.

“In a moment of “now”, you can be All that Is, whilst in another you may forget. Soon the time will come when in each moment of “now” you will see your place Within All that Is, and then much will become clear. For the moment, rest in trust, rest in peace and in love, and allow us to lead you through the darkness and into the light.

“Your own Thought Adjuster is with you for all time and is a source of guidance to you when you are aware and when you are not aware. It is through this medium we use you in service, and this is how those who are not aware can still be used in such a way. Become friends, for He is truly your reality (identity). And “the you that you know” is little more than an illusion.

“Breathe now deeply and feel the presence of your God-self, that is All That You Are.”

Helen: “If a Thought Adjuster is all that we are in reality, then The Scribe must be an Ascended Master.”

The Scribe: “Yes.”

Helen: “Which Ascended Master (are you)?”

The Scribe: “(I am) Sananda.”

Helen: “How does Sananda relate to Jesus?”

The Scribe: “I am the highest aspect of the being you knew as Jesus that is able to be directly in communication with a human mind that is not ascended at this point in time.”

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