You Have Found Me.


Atlanta, Georgia, October 30, 2004.

Thought Adjuster Conversations.

Received by Rebecca.

“I am your Thought Adjuster. Let go of your fears, my dear one. There is love available from within, from without, and from all around. It is not just anywhere, but everywhere.

“Do not feed your self on a diet of anger and distress because of those who give you problems. Rejoice instead in the Creator God of all that exists before you in the universe, and pray. Rejoice in the beauty of Creation that surrounds you, and let dark shadows pass you by.

“Do not worry so, but go back in time and care for the little child within that was not considered worthy of love. Be patient even so, and treat all with love, for to heal all souls simultaneously benefits all.

“This is the way to find Peace in the Creator Father, and Peace in the beauty of all Creation. Do not harbor doubts about being good enough, for this is not your concern, but Mine alone. You are a servant of the Creator, and it is good.

“This advice comes down to you from all eternity. The admonitions are forever from eternity. This is a happy day, because you have found your Thought Adjuster. Let us rejoice. Let us celebrate. Now rest.”

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