Turn More Toward Him.


Atlanta, Georgia, October 31, 2004.

Thought Adjuster Conversations.

Received by Rebecca.

“You know full well that situations can be changed through prayer, in the blink of an eye, and with a snap of the fingers. An unacceptable set of circumstances can change, like the shift of a prism seen from a new angle, for that which is wished for has, potentially, been present all along. You must pray more, and phalanxes of angels will come to help you. Turn it over to our help.

“Human, you must take care of your body. Please know that the work will not get done any faster, or any better by your being anxious about it, and by elevating your stress hormones and adrenalines. It is good, however, that in the midst of your busy life you still find time for your spiritual life.

“The merit of doing this, when it is difficult to do, is ten times greater than doing it when it is easy to do. God loves you. God loves you. Know that more deeply, and all will be well, for you will be at peace. Your unhappiness is the cause of important teachings coming through. Let God’s Will be done. Let God’s Will be done. Now write more.

“Fear not the intrusions. They are nothing. The angels make light of them and gather round. Their “wings brush away” all interferences and dirt. They don’t mind a little sweeping clean, so, rejoice at being favored with their watch-care, as all humans can be favored with their care.

“Do not try to solve the things that make you unhappy by reasoning about them, or by trying to fix them, but trust in the Creator, and turn more toward Him. The solutions come from Him. Good night, or good morning, but rather, Adieu.”

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