The Garments Of My Father’s Love.


US of A, October 31, 2004.

Christ Michael.

Contributing Receiver.

Michael: “I am with you all, always, if you could only remember this. Perhaps today you might focus more fully on this reality. The peace that surpasses all understanding lies in your ability to focus on this fact.

“There is no place where you can travel that I am not. There is no activity in which you might engage that I do not share with you. Our Minds are joined, and you have the Mind of Christ, as Paul long ago told you this very great truth.

“There is no need to think of anything as good or bad. There is no need to change your thinking when you focus fully on the idea that we share all thoughts. Neither are there any problems we do not share, and none of your tribulations exist without an appropriate answer that will surely come from our unified focus. You can rest assured that we can do all things imaginable, since we have great strength in our united efforts, My brothers and Sisters.

“And we have much to do, for there is a great deal to be accomplished in our Father’s World. We have His unending love to bring to our struggling Universe where our peace will calm the chaos. You have no greater love, and no less than all my love, to extend to everyone you meet this very day. My love and yours are one and the same. Would you refuse one human soul the fullness of a love so great as to encompass all?

“Today we extend the heavenly Kingdom. One day at a time we go to share the gift of love with all we meet. The insignia of the Kingdom is your smile, so freely extended to everyone. And watch the beautiful warming grace that is returned to you. Let no unsmiling face daunt your godly efforts. Some hearts are surely broken, but love is a great medicine. Give as you have freely received, and leave no one standing outside the doorway of our eternal love.

“The Love Command is the only one that warrants our full attention. Ask yourself each day; am I clothed in the garments of My Father’s Love? The answer is always yes! Would you live, as I would have you live? Then love as I love. Be as I am. And the entire world will become, as we would have it be. And quickly, too, My children, the Kingdom will grow beyond anything you could ever imagine.

“Focus on love. Focus on our unity. We are “one”, and that can never change. Enjoy My peace today—the peace depends fully on your knowing that I will never leave you nor forsake you. Never!”

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