All Are Of God.


Cheshire, UK, October 25, 2004.

Teachers Armesh and Zeen.

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Armesh: “We greet you this fine October evening with love, warmth and comfort. Yours has been a time of change and movement towards completeness. This has not been without its trauma, but you have coped well, despite your doubts. This time has been difficult on you physically and emotionally, and we recognise the strength you have had.

“As the year turns towards its completion and you find more and more of your ways set out in front of you, you must remember this strength, and follow in the path of only that which feels correct within your own heart. For that is the path of least resistance and will make the way easier.

“The times of the nights drawing in grows close, as does the time when humans’ night time comes the closest. As a species you go through this darkness so that you can rid yourself of unhelpful patterns and then at the darkest moment, everything will start to become light. The dawn of a new era will truly be upon you.

“In the meantime do not fight it, go with and allow within yourself the patterns, the pain the fear to bring themselves to the surface, to then be deleted. Your histories are varied. Some have spent much time here, working through their lessons, and have never yet experienced such a time as this. Others are gathering from all over the universe with experience in these ways, of bringing the light into the dark. For where there is dark there is only the absence of light.

“The movement will appear slow at first and there will be many things that seem to be getting worse, but look to the numbers awakening as confirmation that the world is indeed changing. This is our evidence and proof that humankind is moving in the correct direction—each individual, by fighting their own demons, and realizing them as illusion, so fight the demons of human society, and eventually they become realized as illusion also.

“In the middle of all the chaos there is calm should you choose to find it, for the reality underpinning all of what you experience is not changing, it is your perceptions of this reality that are becoming enlightened. If you find the place that is already within that reality, then this will assist you in finding your easiest way.

“Much of the world feels stress and anger at the atrocities that are being executed throughout the world. I say to you now: ‘Do not react in anger to these events, instead react with love and peace, keeping these at the forefront of your mind will assist the situation in becoming that of love and peace.’

“Anger is born of fear. Stand up for what you believe in, but stand from a place of love. If you are bitter within your own heart towards those who have not yet seen the light and are still within darkness, then your prayers will perpetuate that fear and that anger. So, if you are unable yet to pray from a place of complete love and acceptance, then we request that you pray first for yourself and come to that acceptance, before perpetuating your anger upon the rest of the world’s perception and reality.

“This is a harsh method to follow. And you must set aside all judgment and all intolerance, and recognise all members of the human race as small parts of God themselves. This is not just those who you see as god-like or godly, not just these who you see as always having love within their heart, but also those who you see as having none of these attributes.

“These are the people that most need your prayers, that they may find their own light within their darkness. These are tormented and troubled souls, and it is no longer necessary for them to be floundering within this turmoil. By praying for them you help spread the light and change the world in a way that all shouting and screaming, all standing against injustice will not do.

“And so I beseech you, look at everybody you meet, everybody you hear of, upon the news, as a perfected, Divine Being. And allow them to feel that love, and then their own God-selves will be able to respond and start loving themselves. As is the desired way.”

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